DIY Computer Help for Slow Running Computers

computer helpWhat’s more frustrating than a slow running computer is the need for professional computer help when you really can manage some of your own troubleshooting measures. With the continuously increasing number of professional computer technicians, there will always be one available to help you fix your slow running computer. Despite this, you can also apply your own troubleshooting measures before calling in professional assistance.

Here are some computer help tips to bring back your computer to its normal operating speed.

1. Reboot your computer the first time you notice it is slowing down. Measure how long your computer starts after rebooting it. If it takes a slow time to start, this may be due to having several programs at the startup process. It’s best to disable unnecessary programs that start up when your computer boots up. These computer programs trying to start up consume precious RAM that your computer may need to smoothly and easily boot up.

2. When restarting your computer or when opening certain applications, keep an eye out for any error message. Read this message carefully and try to look for the solution online. Surely, you will find lots of computer help resources online to help you resolve the error. To ensure you’ll get the most accurate solution, copy the error message and search it with quotes using any internet browser.

3. If you did not encounter any error message, conduct the necessary computer scans, especially virus and spyware scans. Scan frequently to ensure your computer has no virus or spyware as these are also a common reason for your computer running slowly.

4. Do not forget doing a registry cleaner scan as this will help identify errors and corruptions in your computer’s registry. There are several types of registry cleaner software that you can use on your computer. Keep in mind that your computer’s registry database can get large and become vulnerable to errors, which may also slow down your computer.

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