Top 3 Reasons Why We Call For Emergency Computer Repair

Computer RepairThere are various reasons why people call for emergency computer repair. Fortunately, the most common reasons could easily be resolved on your own or through the assistance of a computer technician over the phone. So, the next time you encounter any one of these common problems, you would not need to call in a computer technician.

Here are the top three reasons we people often call for emergency computer repair.

1.    When the computer freezes

There are times when computers suddenly freeze where it doesn’t respond to any command you make or any stroke of the keyboard. While this may be a cause for instant concern, the troubleshooting required is surprisingly easy. All you need to is reboot your computer. For safety measures, you can also run your anti-virus and malware scan. Find out if your computer has any spyware or adware or corrupted files.

If the problem still persists after checking everything, it may be because your computer’s RAM is no longer sufficient to run all your programs. In this case, you may need to add memory to your computer. Call for professional technical assistance when completing such a task as this should only be handled by professional.

2.    When the computer runs slowly

Slowly running computer is another common reason to call in emergency computer repair. When faced with such a problem, there are a few things you can do before calling your technician. You can add memory to your computer as this is most often the cause of slow running. It’s easy to increase your computer’s memory by uninstalling programs that you no longer use and need and deleting files. If you want to purchase more RAM, call your computer technician for recommendations and assistance.

3.    Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

This type of computer problem will require you to stop whatever you are doing and will give you time to save your data on an external drive while the technician will work and repair your computer. Before calling your technician, be sure to take note of all information in the error page because the technician will most likely be asking. 

Knowing how to use a computer is not enough. You should also know how to properly take care of your computer and learn about basic troubleshooting so you won’t always have to call in a computer technician even when it’s a minor problem.

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