Computer Help: Factors That Prevent Your Computer From Playing Videos

Computer HelpOne of the many reasons why we call professional computer help is when it fails to play videos. Your computer does this in a number of ways using various software, programs, and applications. Generally, your computer uses different programs to play videos from the Internet, videos from an external source – from a portable storage device, external hard drive, etc. – and from its disc drive. This is why you may have to consider and evaluate several factors to determine why your computer fails to play videos.

So that you won’t instantly call in professional computer help, here are some factors that you could easily evaluate to determine why your computer fails to play videos:

  • Player updates–Just like any other programs and software nowadays, your video player also needs regular updates. These updates are necessary for the proper launching and efficient functioning of the program. Failure to regularly update your video player may possibly result to difficulties in playing videos.
  • Missing Plugins–Some videos function using plugins. These are programs that allow external information to be displayed or run on a website. So if you are missing necessary plugin, you won’t be able to properly play videos on your website.
  • Wrong codec – The video player your computer uses to play videos from a website requires a compatible codec to be able to read the video and display pictures on the screen. If your video player cannot read the video language, it won’t be able to play the video. To remediate this, you may have to download another video player with the compatible codec.
  • Memory level – Your computer needs its memory to be able to play videos. Hence, if your computer is running low on memory, it might not be able to play high quality videos or it might not be able to play any video at all. If this is the case, you definitely need to call professional computer help.

If after checking the above factors you still aren’t able to watch videos on your computer, then it’s time to seek professional assistance. Chances are you have bigger computer problems that are preventing your computer to play videos.

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