Thinking About A New Computer?

Widows 8 computer problemsMany of our customers that have purchased a new computer recently have come to us complaining.  Why?  Windows 8.

If you need a versatile and powerful system that can easily arrange programs in a windows format as you want to see them then Windows 7 is your operating system – not Windows 8.

Windows without windows

Do the powers that be at Microsoft understand that Windows is called windows for a reason?  The Windows 8 Start screen has no windows.

The lack of windows is not the worst flaw in this new system (we will refer to this as W8).  You can still organize your desktop by dragging your applications, utilities programs and other devices into groups.  However, you cannot arrange them like  you are accustomed as submenus on the Start menu or folders within the hierarchy on your computer hard drive.  Instead, you are forced into viewing everything displayed up front.

Windows 8 Crippled Computer Desktop

Yes there still is a desktop in Windows 8 but it is not what users expect.  You can’t set your desktop as the default interface.  You can manage your files on the desktop but there isn’t an equivalent to Windows Explorer – which frankly I would be lost without.

Microsoft has removed the Start menu with the exception of a watered down version called “simplified start.”  The Start menu has been around since Windows 95 and is a convenient tool for most of us.

Just think about how many times a day you go to your Start menu?  The programs you use frequently are always at the top.  When you point to a menu choice, your most recently used files are display at the right.  No need to go searching your hard drive for where you stored that Word document you were working on yesterday.

Little Common Ground

What is even worse is that the two interfaces – Windows 7 and Windows 8 don’t play well together.  Going from one to the other is driving our customers crazy.

Windows 8 does include two different versions of explorer – one for each operating system – but they don’t work well together. When you create a favorite in the desktop version it will appear only in that version.  When you create a favorite in Windows 8 and it still only appears in the older version.  On a side note, you can “pin” a webpage to the Start screen in W8 but this only adds to the congestion that is already there.

Did Microsoft miss the boat?

We don’t need a confusing mix of Desktop (W7) and W8.  We need an operating system that can change its user interface when we switch between hardware devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

You should be able to configure the way you work with the system and decide what is important to you.  You should have the flexibility to decide which system you prefer.

But Microsoft didn’t choose that route.  So, if you are like me, you will want to stay with Windows 7 as long as possible and hope that the interface is fixed when Windows 9 is released.

If you have recently purchased a new computer and are disappointed with the new operating system, bring it in to us and we will take you back to what works.

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