Refurbished Computers: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

refurbished computersComputer problems and repairs are inevitable. No matter how much you take care of your computer, it will be plagued by viruses and problems that you need to fix. This is why you’ll have to find yourself your own computer technician to work with regularly in the future. Otherwise, you’ll have to upgrade your entire computer system once at least every five years.

If you don’t have sufficient money for such kind of regular investment and expenditures, you can consider buying refurbished computers. These cost less than buying brand new computers or regularly repairing and fixing your old systems; and may be a good alternative for you if you can find a good deal.

What exactly are Refurbished Computers?

Generally, there are two types of refurbished computers: those that have failed to pass quality control during the manufacturing process and those that are returned by customers for repair.

Instead of disposing computer systems that did not pass quality control, some manufacturers will have the units repaired by a computer technician to improve their quality. Once it is up to normal standards and are proven to work, they offer it to resellers at low and discounted prices.

The other type of refurbished computers comes from customers who return their computer systems for repair. But instead of waiting for their units to be repaired, they decide to replace it with a brand new unit. The computers left by their previous owners for repair will then go through the same process as those computers who failed to pass quality control. They will be repaired by computer technicians before being sold at lower prices.

The repairs necessary for refurbished computers to be up to date could be made by their manufacturers (for those computers that didn’t pass quality control) and third party computer suppliers (for computers returned due to repair).

Manufacturers can rebuild refurbished computers easily and more efficiently since they are likely to have the right and necessary parts on hand. Third party computer suppliers, on the other hand, are more likely to use parts from other computer brands if they don’t currently have the appropriate part. Because of this, it is extremely important to read and understand the specifications of the refurbished computer you are considering buying before actually paying for it.

Computer Repairs versus Refurbished Computers

Computer repairs can get very costly especially when they tend to continue for a long time. This is why those who don’t have sufficient money to buy a brand new computer will opt to buy refurbished computers.

On the other hand, buying a refurbished computer can only become cost efficient for you if these computers meet your requirements and no longer needs to be modified. You can consult a computer technician to verify and confirm whether the refurbished computer you are about to purchase no longer needs modifications, or if it does need to be upgraded, what those upgrades are and how much would they possibly cost.

Once you get your figures, compare the total cost of buying – and, if possible, upgrading – a refurbished computer with the costs of buying a brand new system as well as with the expenses of continuous repairs to your old computer.

Rebuilt Computers Warranty

Just like brand new computers, refurbished computers also come with warranties and these vary depending on who you are buying from. It is important that you ask the specific type of warranty you are getting with you refurbished computer.

Warranties usually come from the computer’s manufacturer. Third party computer resellers may also offer their own kind of warranty; however, this may cause problems especially with regards to replacing parts, which would make it longer to fix the computer problem.

To ensure you’ll get a secure warranty, buy your refurbished computer from a reputable retailer. See if they have been selling these types of computers for a long time now and find out whether they have negative customer reviews.

Purchasing refurbished computers can be a cost effective alternative to buying brand new systems or continuously bringing your current computers to computer technicians for repairs. On the other hand, it would be best to conduct research on the specific computer you are considering buying and the retailer from which you will be buying from.

Make sure the computer will meet your needs and that you won’t have much problems with the warranty and the need for repairs. If considering buying refurbished computers, learn more about the unit you are about to buy especially its specifications and history of repair.

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