How To Work Effectively With Your Computer Repair Technician

Computer Repair Myrtle BeachAmong the many problems from customers that I encounter on a daily basis is about their computers being wiped clean of all their files after being fixed. Most of these customers have even sent their laptops and computers to highly recommended computer repair technicians, but still no longer have their files and documents.

Their primary concern is the way they were treated by a computer repair company that is widely known and respected. And they all basically wanted to know whether they could have prevented this from happening or not.

It is possible to prevent this kind of scenario. However, to do this, computer owners should be able to learn how to work effectively with their repair technicians. And this will all start in building trust.

Build Trust With Your Computer Repair Technician

Despite the continuous technological advancements, computer repairs remain inevitable. Every individual who owns a computer will need a repair technician more than once at some point in their lives. This is why it’s important for computer owners to find a technician who they trust and can work with for a long period of time.

Trusting someone you work with is important to ensure smooth work flow and successful outcomes, but it’s not that easy to build. In the marketing industry, trust is an essential part of their operations. And to build trust, they follow a formula: Know-Like-Trust factor. Before you could be able to trust anyone for the repair of your computer, you need to know who they are and like what they do.

When you’ve established trust, you can freely send your computer in for repair with a peace-of-mind that the repair technician will take good care and preserve all of your data.

Proper Communication

There are many computer repair shops presently in business to help you with any problems and issues you might encounter with your computer. Unfortunately, a great percentage of them believe the data in every computer sent to them is not their concern. They treat computers like ordinary appliances with problems, concerned only in fixing the problem and returning it in properly working condition.

Often times, when a computer is sent to them for repair, they assume that clients have created a backup of all their files – which of course is the responsibility of the owners. On the other hand, this would be impossible if the problem occurred before the owner has managed to back up files.

Without proper communication with the computer repair technician, simple misunderstanding between the two could lead to serious problems and unsatisfactory service provision. So when the customer goes back to the repair technician to ask about the missing data and files, they would only show them the warranty, which both have signed, where it says that saving data and creating backup for all files prior to the repair is the owner’s responsibility.

Keep in mind that it is not the legal obligation of computer repair technicians to save all your files prior to fixing your computer. If possible, communicate properly with your technician to include data recovery as part of the service.

The most common scenario for this situation is when a computer owner sends in his or her laptop to a warranty service repair, especially when the repair facility is in another city. In such situations, owners fill out an online form and take their laptop to the branch of the repair company that is nearest to them.

Because there was no proper communication with the technician, the owner wouldn’t be able to describe his or her needs appropriately. Also, the technician wouldn’t be able to warn the owner that all files and data in the computer might be deleted when it is re-formatted.

Create a mirror image backup

There are some computer repair companies that offer to create a mirror image backup of all the files saved in the computer prior to sending it for repair. An image backup is an exact copy of the computer’s system so it will be easy for the owner to restore all his or her files, data, and settings.

Restoring your computer to how it was before sending it for repair is not an easy task. You would have to restore every file and recreate every setting – including those that took you years to organize, compile, and manage. Hence, a mirror image backup would greatly help.

Handling of sensitive information

If you save important information on your computers and laptops, you need to handle these documents and files with utmost care since you wouldn’t want it to land in some other person’s hands.

You could move it to an external storage device and remove all its traces from your computer. Otherwise, you could leave it there but with strong passwords so no one else may be able to access to it.

Working with your computer repair technician is extremely important not only for a smooth working relationship but also to ensure that your computer will be handled with utmost care.

We at PcRx value your data and information as much as your system. So we are putting the same amount of importance to handling and protecting your data as to fixing and restoring your computers. Call us today for your computer repair needs.

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