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Windows 8Windows has taken two years to what they believe to be the perfect this ultimate progress in operating systems, Windows 8. Considering today’s generation is becoming more dependent on computers for most of their professional and corporate responsibilities, Windows 8 is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of individuals in various industries, focused more on making their lives and jobs easier. If you’re thinking whether you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 8, here are some basic information to help you decide.

Bringing New and Improved Features

  • New Interface

Windows 8 is giving you a new look replacing the start menu with tiles and colorful boxes to provide you with a quick overview of all the apps you could use. This shortens the time it takes for anyone to look for the right app to use and to search for that important file or document.

Taking into consideration the more fast-paced life of people today, Windows 8 makes it easier for anyone to switch computers and tablets ensuring you’ll see the same tiles and settings from your main computer to all the computers and tables you use. Plus, all tiles are updated automatically in real-time to ensure you won’t miss any important event or meeting.

It is specifically designed to support a variety of monitors allowing its user to adjust all monitor settings from the main computer. So, you have full control of what you’ll see – including display settings, backgrounds, and slide shows – in every computer or tablet screen.

  • Giving a Unified Experience

Its new sleek design is not only a far cry from the traditional in terms of colors and layout. It also makes it easier for any user to operate his computer by eliminating clutter. Plus, it combines all the strong points of previous versions to ensure maximum use.

Anyone who is using multiple workstations and gadgets, Windows 8 ensures to give a unified experience, unifying all your computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones to give you ultimate satisfaction. It gives you the most advanced sync tools in the market today, allowing you to instantly access your main computer with whatever gadget you currently have on you – an ultimate plus for those professionals who are always on the road and travelling.

  • Greatly Improved Performance

Taking away all its shortfalls and limitations, Windows 8 is designed to provide the average user with a greatly improved and snappier performance with the most advanced hardware and processing tools.

Computers running on Windows 8 now load faster, allowing the user to manage tasks, files, and programs with much ease and comfort. To ensure any user will get the most out of Windows 8’s ultimate performance, it also features responsible energy usage with the improvements made at the system level.

What Holds Users Back from Using Windows 8

  • Hardware Requirements

Like the previous versions of Windows OS, one would need to upgrade system requirements as well to be able to use Windows 8. To support its higher graphic demands and touch-sensitive aspects, businesses and users would need to invest money on system upgrades.

Moreover, if you’re still running AMD chip based services, it will be harder for Windows 8 to connect to Active Directory. So you really need to get a new hardware system to get the most out of Windows 8.

  • Learning Curve 

Because Windows 8 is a far cry and a huge leap from previous versions of the operating system, everyone considering upgrading to it will have to go through a bit of a learning curve. And for everyone who has been using Windows for a long time now might think twice in upgrading.

Through the years, Windows have gone through various upgrades and improvements, but it didn’t really change the way people use it. Those who upgrade chose to do that because of the new features but with minimal adjustments to the way they use the OS. This time though, everyone will have to make adjustments in using Windows 8.

Windows 8 maintains the traditional task bar and features a ribbon-based interface that is completely new. Minimal changes have been made with Office but training will be needed to become accustomed to the many changes and new features brought by the OS.

  • Have Not Gotten enough of Windows 7

One of the most common hindrances that hold people back from upgrading to Windows 8 is their recent upgrade to Windows 7. Some entrepreneurs have just gotten out of their adjustments to Windows 7 and could not afford to make the same – probably more strenuous – training with Windows 8. Also, it may be too soon to upgrade, especially since service packs will not be released until mid 2013.

Upgrading Windows 8 is indeed a great leap for many business owners and entrepreneurs. It would do a lot for any business, especially in terms of task managing and documents accessibility. On the other hand, it will be best to weight the cons and pros of this major business decision prior to acting on it.

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