Top 10 keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut keysAt PcRx our goal is to always save you time and money.  With that in mind we thought it would be fun to give you the top 10 keyboard shortcuts.  This can increase your productivity and help you stay focused on the task at hand. Just to give you a quick example, highlighting text and then pressing Ctrl+C to copy is faster than taking your hand off the keyboard and reaching for the mouse and then selecting copy from the Edit menu or using the copy icon on the ribbon bar.

Top 10 Shortcuts – plus bonuses


Will copy the highlighted text to the clipboard.

Bonus:  Shift + arrow keys will select the text without using the mouse.


Will paste the text on the clipboard at the insertion point.

Ctrl+z and Ctryl+y

Ctrl+z will undo the last change made.  Pressing multiple times will undo several keystrokes going backwards.  Ctrl+y will redo the undo.


This is one of my favorites – will open a find dialog box in any program, including your browser, to look for text within the current page.

Using the Alt key

Use Alt+tab to moves forward between open programs.  You can also use Ctrl+tab to move between tabs in the current program.

Shift+Alt+tab moves backwards.

Ctrl+ backspace

This keyboard combination will delete a full word instead of a single character at a time.

Bonus: Pressing the Ctrl key and then the left or right arrow will move the cursor a full work at a time.  To highlight by words use Ctrl+Shift+arrow keys


Saves the document you are currently working on.  Use this frequently to ensure that you don’t lose data in the event of an unexpected shutdown.


Moves to the beginning of the document.

Bonus: Ctrl+end moves to the end of the document


Will print the current document. This includes a web page in your browser.

Page Up, Page Down and the Space bar

The page keys will move you up and down the document one page at a time.  The space bar will do the same thing within an internet page.  Shift+spacebar moves back up.

Use the comments box below to tell us your favorites.

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