Planning For Disaster With Computer Backup

computer backupYou know deep down that consistent computer backup is the responsible thing to do and that one day it could save you from the chaos that would be caused with a major data loss.  But you keep putting off finding a reliable backup program and simply cross your fingers and pray that nothing happens.  With each passing day you are storing more and more of your company’s information, personal photos and other prized data on a hard drive that is vulnerable.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to data recovery. In this post we will take a look at how your are neglecting important backup and then some simple strategies for your business or home computer.

How You’re Neglecting Your Computer Backup

Does this sound familiar? You use your computer every day to grow and operate your business yet you can’t seem to remember the last time you actually did a backup of your data.

Maybe you have an IT person that does this for you from time to time or you are relying on an offline backup you signed for years ago.  You are really not sure how often the backup is happening, where the backup files are stored and if it will be there when you need to restore your data. What would happen in the event of a fire or a flood?  Is your data stored offsite where it is accessible?

Many business rely on a periodic backup done to an external drive or CD which is then taken home by an employee.  The information on the drive is unencrypted but you are not concerned because they have been with you for years and are part of your company family.  On her way home from work she stops to do some Christmas shopping and her purse is stolen from her shopping cart.   Now your company’s sensitive information such as client lists, banking information, etc is in the hands of a stranger.

 Act Now to Protect Your Business

Your time is a non-renewable resource that you cannot get back.  Each hour that you spend working on your computer is valuable.  Think of it as your most precious business resource.

How much time to do spend each day on your computer?  How would you feel if your computer crashed and you lost even 1 day’s work?  What if it was a week or a  month?  This should be unacceptable to you and your company.  It is time to get serious about backing up your computer.

PcRx provides an easy and thorough backup system for you at a fraction of the cost of one day’s time. A copy of your hard drive is stored offsite on a secure server.  This backup is performed when your system is not in use so it is not disrupting your daily work flow.  This backup is encrypted to safeguard against some hacking into the backup.  This service is reliable and inexpensive.

Of course we hope the day never comes that you will need to use the computer backup, but it is pure bliss to know it is there then you need it.

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