The PC vs. Mac Debate, Part Two

In part one of our discussion about the world of PC vs. Mac computers, we left off at the cost of the two and how they compare for what you get. In part two, we will continue our discussion on several other areas to compare notes.

Selection. First of all, if you are looking at Windows PC’s, the sheer selection can be overwhelming. They come in every possible size, from computers that fit easily in your palm, all the way to extra large desktop screens. You can get touchscreens that have the ability to play high-def movies, Blue-Ray, and tuners that allow you to view TV with satellite or cable. Oh—and let’s not forget that you can get your PC personalized in any color you want and very resistant to damage.

Apple makes the Mac computer in 9 general variations: The MacBook is the basic laptop, the MacBook Pro comes with even more advanced software and you can get it with 13”, 15”, and 17” screens. And lastly, the Mac Pro power desktop is a fantastic model for any office. Since Mac’s advanced software and technology requires that you buy only Mac products, you will not get the touchscreen, Blu-Ray and TV capabilities that are more common in the windows world. If you buy a Mac, you will also be buying their ideas on what is important to have. However, their interface is very user friendly and has about anything you would want, especially in the world of pictures, music and media. It has always been known to be superior in these areas.

Operating Systems. Mac’s incredibly powerful OS X is a system that won’t complicate life for you, like Windows Vista did for nearly three years. Vista was known for crashing and being slow and made many computer users switch to Apple, due to the ease of use Mac computers provides.

While Microsoft finally released the new and improved Windows 7 last year, it proved to be all the things Vista failed miserably at. However, many PC manufacturers cluttered it with demoware, obnoxious adware and other useless and annoying extra features. Mac released their new OC X 10.6 Snow Leopard, shrinking the gap between Microsoft and Apple more than ever. So if you are a satisfied Windows PC user, then you will find few reasons than ever before to complicate your life by switching to Mac if you buy a new computer system. Apple users continue to stand by their Macs, though and are pretty much set on staying loyal to their operating system.

Security and Service. It’s a fact that the majority of hackers out there target the PC world, including creating viruses and Trojan horses that can hack into your bank accounts or credit cards. This is because most computer users are PC users and so that’s where the hackers place their focus. Although you should not think that just because you are a Mac user, that makes you exempt from any computer viruses, etc., it’s important to note that Mac users who don’t use any security software at all run a far smaller chance of being a victim of a hacker attack than the PC user who has more security software than he knows what to do with.

It goes without saying that you should check into the service agreement of computer companies before you spend your money. It’s impossible for any company to be completely free of defects or issues, but you should take note of how those problems are handled. Apple is currently dealing with iMac screen defects, but even so, they have a much more reliable service record than any Windows competitor. This has been found to be the case in polls conducted by both PC World and You might want to go over these statistics before you spend any money of a new system.

The bottom line? You just need to decide what your budget and needs are and buy accordingly. The Mac vs. PC debate is not some cosmic mystery. The Web is the same with either system and there is tons of great software for both systems that will let you do all you could ever need. Cameras, printers and media all have endless abilities to interface with either operating system. So find what works for you and dive in!

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