The PC vs. Mac Debate – Part 1

Mac vs PCIf you’re in need of some free entertainment, then just start a good debate. And I don’t mean about religion or politics. No, I’m talking about a good old debate between computer nerds about whether or not the world should be a PC world or a Mac world. The conversation that will ensue can be boring tech talk or entertaining and passionate defenders of principle, depending on who you’re talking with. I mean, come on—this is computers we’re talking about here, not strategies for world peace! Yet each camp holds to their version of the best choice, placing the general population into two categories: PC users, who own over-sized plastic pieces of junk and are unaware of the finer things in computer life, and then the Mac users, who are generally looked upon as computer snobs who belong to a secret society where only a select few can actually learn to operate the system. The good news? Neither one is really true! In this two-part article, we’ll attempt to give you some plain English, easy pros and cons that will break down the confusion over the great computer debate. Or, you may just wish to stay blissfully unaware, in which case you may now return to your normal lives.

I have owned a PC and a MacBook Pro and they are both great machines—for different reasons. Although the great Mac vs. PC debate has been going on for more than 25 years, I will examine it as it stands today in 2012.

Cost. First of all, in the computer world, it really does tend to be true that you get what you pay for. Before you go slamming Macs for being expensive, it’s important to note that in all our research, we found that Macs have many price ranges that compare with their PC counterparts. The thing to remember here is that Apple isn’t selling an overpriced notebook for $500 more than a PC notebook. The fact is that if you bought a PC notebook that has all the things that come on a Mac and can do all that a Mac is designed to do, it would cost you about the same.

Macs are coming with lighter, aluminum cases, instead of heavy plastic ones; they run higher-end processors and generally have a longer battery life than PCs. If you’re curious as to the closest comparison in the PC world to a MacBook Pro, it would be the Envy model, by HP. And they usually will actually cost you even more than a Mac!

One other note here to consider with Macs is that every MacBook will come installed with Apple’s Lifesuite software package which is super excellent for everything from editing movies to sharing photos and everything in between for the things you love to do in daily life. This is standard on Macs, whereas on a mid-priced PC, you will get much more limited software and also have to sift through the pre-installed adware, demos and a host of other annoying “extras” that the companies want you to see.

The bottom line here is that while you don’t have to have the latest and greatest Mac to enjoy your computer, you do get what you pay for. You just have to decide what your needs are and what your budget is. Macs certainly are outfitted with impressive software that is easy to use and hardly ever crash.

In the next segment, we’ll see how Internet security compares on both systems; we’ll look at operating systems, customer service, and several other things that will help you get informed about what both worlds have to offer. Stay tuned for part two!

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