Myrtle Beach Computers With Tips for Cutting Down on Computer Screen Glare

Working at computerMyrtle Beach Computers With Tips for Cutting Down on Computer Screen Glare

Many people experience headaches or eye strain when working on their computers for long periods of time.  One of the contributing factors to these conditions is your screen.  Myrtle Beach Computers would like to provide some advice to cut down on your computer screen glare and get you back on track.

In the past people didn’t think about their screen and possible physical problems.  When you were younger did your mother warn you about sitting too close to the TV?  Many people will turn the lights down in their office and turn the brightness of their monitor up in an effort to see the screen better.  This is the same as sitting too close to your television – and your mother was right – it’s not good for your eyes.

In today’s world a computer is a necessity.  Whether you work in an office away from home or in your home office, you rely on your computer to do business.  Do you find yourself leaving your business office and them getting home and sitting down again at a computer?  Is there anything we can do to stop the strain on your eyes?  Myrtle Beach Computers PCRx says yes!  We have the right prescription for your computer screen glare.

Tip #1 – Unplug your laptop.

Laptop computers usually have a battery life of three to four hours when unplugged.  If your laptop is plugged into an outlet it is running on AC power and the screen is brighter.  So the solution is to simply unplug your laptop when you are using it.  Then plug it back in to recharge the battery when it is not in use.

Tip #2 – Use an overhead light to supplement the lighting in the room

I use an Ott-Lite desk lamp (also referred to as a black light) over my computer and this helps to reflect the glare on the screen. If you don’t have a desk lamp, simply use a table lamp to the side of your computer to help reduce your eyestrain.

If you decide to use a desk lamp, be sure and Switch to more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs which are recommended by Myrtle Beach Electrician Mister Sparky.  This will provide the same level of light at a much lower wattage and less strain on your eyes.

Tip #3 – Invest in a glare filter.

A glare filter is simply a bracket that fits over your monitor.  If you are spending long hours at your computer this can be a life saver.  Do you have children or others who use your computer?  This will benefit them as they are working.

If you are using a laptop, the filter will fit on the edge of the screen.  They can then been  removed when you are finished working and want to close up your laptop.  This is also a great technique for protecting your privacy when you are working in public areas such as airports.  The person sitting next to you will not be able to see your screen unless they are directly in front of the screen.

Myrtle Beach Computers PCRx Flat Screen MonitorsSome of the issues with glare have been resolved with the new flat screen monitors, however, don’t think that your eyes are not straining even with the technology.  So with that in mind we have added on more tip:

Tip #4 – Take a break

Every hour or so get away from your computer for a few minutes.  Walk away and look outside or look at something else in the distance.  Avoid the temptation to read or do other close work for that few minutes.  You head and eyes will thank you.

Most of us can’t avoid the use of computers in today’s business, however, by taking a few precautions we can avoid the headaches and eye strain associated with computers.

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