Notebook Computers: Who Are They For And How Do They Compare To Laptops?

Notebook ComputersNotebook Computers are Becoming Increasingly Common

Notebook computers such as the Dell Ispirion or the Apple MacBook are becoming the all the rage for business people and college students alike. Yes they look very cool, however, they are extremely useful at the same time. In today’s world, many homes have multiple wireless notebook computers that can be taken all over the house for homework, checking email, gaming – even watching TV!  The new models of smaller notebook computers make it easy for everyone to have less weight to carry around. As we learned with cell phone, smaller is not always a better solution.  It is always a good idea to know what you are buying and decide for yourself if the functionality of  notebook computers will meet your specific needs.

If you are someone who does a lot of traveling either for business or pleasure,  notebook computers can be an ideal choice.  The small size and weight of notebook computers makes them great for portability.

Notebook Computers Are Smaller and Lighter

In order to make the size of notebook computers smaller, the components must be smaller than their desktop equivalent.  Many notebook computers come equipped with a 10 to 11 inch LCD screen and some are even smaller.  For those of us that have trouble seeing a normal screen this can be a detriment.  Another factor in a notebook computer is the thickness.  There has been a greater demand to make notebook computers even thinner than the current 1 inch.

The average weight of a notebook computer is between five and seven pounds.  This makes it ideal for carrying to meetings, classes and client consultations.  You can take notes right on the spot, even create a contract for review or give a quote while you are in your meeting.

Things to Keep in Mind when Considering a Notebook Computer

Are you considering a notebook computer and comparing it to a handheld device such as your phone that offers many of the same capabilities?  If so, you will want to keep in mind the screen resolution will be considerably better on the notebook computer.  Tasks such as checking your email, browsing the internet and taking notes will be much easier on a notebook computer. Performing this simple tasks can be difficult on a phone but are much easier on a notebook computer.

Don’t let the small size of a notebook computer fool you.  If you are carrying around the computer, adapter and extra battery, you still have a lot of weight to carry. The other thing to consider is that a notebook computer is more fragile than a standard laptop or desktop computer.  Don’t throw it in your backpack and expect it to last.  Even though typing tasks such as responding to emails and searching the internet are easier on a notebook computer than on your phone, they are still not as easy as on a laptop computer.

Although you will have to sacrifice ease of use and durability with a notebook computer, they are up to speed with hard drive capacity and memory storage of a laptop computer. You will want to make sure that your notebook computer comes equipped with Bluetooth technology and you will be ready to travel.  Be sure and read our article on keeping our data safe while traveling.

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