How to Sell Used Computers

Used ComputerUsed Computer? Tips For Selling

Have you recently purchased a new computer or received a new one as a gift? You may be wondering what to do with your old computer.  Depending on the age of your computer, you may be able to sell it and make a few dollars. Many business organizations will opt to sell their used computers when they upgrade to accommodate newer technology or a decrease in performance from their existing computers.  Instead of spending more money and time on existing equipment a business will opt to sell their old work stations and upgrade to new systems.

There is a demand for used computer and they are usually purchased by students who don’t have the ability to buy into the latest technology or by educational institutions like colleges or non-government funded schools.  If a student only needs a computer to play games or do research on the internet, then a used computer is the perfect alternative to more expensive new equipment.

Anyone purchasing a used computer will require they are in good working conditioning regardless of the reason for the purchase.  In most instances a single used computer will be sold online classified sites such as Craig’s List or auction sites like EBay.   Selling a used computer certainly beats throwing it away at your local land fill or storing them and collecting dust.

Steps to Take Before Selling a Used Computer

First you will want to improve the appearance of your used computer by wiping it clean of dirt and dust.  This includes vacuuming out the inside of the hard drive. As with anything, first impressions are important and you will want anyone looking at your computer to see that it is well taken care of.  You will be in a position to ask a higher price if the computer is clean and free of dust.

Collect the entire manuals including software, operating systems and installation discs that came with the computer.  The more documentation you have for your used computer, the higher the price and the more trust a potential buyer will place on what they are purchasing.

You will definitely want to erase all of your personal information from the hard drive of your computer before you sell it or donate it to an organization.  Simply deleting the files or moving them to the trash folder is not enough.  You will want to ensure they are purged from the computer’s memory and any backup files that are stored on the computer.  You will want to contact a computer professional to help you this process.  A potential buyer may be tech savvy enough to access hidden files on your computer and gain access to bank accounts, personal emails or other information that can lead to identity theft.

You may want to include unused printers, scanner or fax machines into the bundle to increase the sale price of your old computer.  Make sure that you have a list of the features of your computer and list those in your online ad.

Having your used computer thoroughly checked by a computer professional can help you get a higher price and ensure that you are selling someone a good deal.  You can also sleep better knowing that your personal data is not compromised.

Bring your used computer to us in Conway and we will clean it up for you and give you an idea of how much you can expect to receive for your used computer.

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