Is Your Computer Slowing You Down?

Slow ComputerTips For A Slow Computer

Whether you use a computer for pleasure or for work, you still need for it to perform as fast as it can. If your computer is not living up to its potential and you are struggling with a slow computer, then you are wasting time and you need to take a look at how you can up the speed. We need to ask a few questions before we can discuss the underlying cause of a computer running slow.

Questions To Ask Before Making Changes To A Slow Computer

  • Has it been a slow computer from the day you plugged it in?
  • Did your computer slow down suddenly or over time?
  • Is your computer less efficient when you are on the web?
  • Does this apply when you are on a wireless connection?
  • How about when you play games?
  • Do you notice that you have a slow computer when you are multi-tasking?
  • Does your computer gain some speed after you re-start you computer?

Things To Check On A Slow Computer

If you can answer these questions regarding your slow computer then you can narrow down the problem and it becomes easier to fix the issue.  If you computer has been slow from the beginning, then there is a good possibility that you did not purchase enough processing speed.  This is why it is a good idea to access your needs before you purchase a new or used computer.

If you find that your system is slowing down when playing games, you probably are in need of an upgraded graphics card and/or more memory.  However, if you find that being on the internet causes a slow computer, then you will want to look at a faster internet connection service.  You will want to do a thorough price comparison of internet providers before making a switch.

Slow computer on internetAre you noticing a slowdown when you use your wireless connection? Then your wireless router is probably the root cause of your slow computer.  Your local computer service technician can assist with upgrading your connection. As we have mentioned in several articles, viruses can cause a slow computer. If you observed that your computer was gradually slowing down, there is a high probability that you have a virus or spyware problem.

Many people are not aware that as they surf the internet, spyware programs are adding small files to your computer’s hard drive which allows the author of the program to “snoop” around your computer to gather information they can then sell to advertisers.  The files that are added to your computer are called spyware and they take up residence on your hard drive and invade your privacy and over time will slow your computer.  Anti-virus software will protect your computer to some extent, but you will want to use a spyware remover program on a regular basis to clean up a slow computer.

If you notice that your computer seems to become slower as the days goes on then you may not have sufficient memory to have multiple tasks open and running at any given time.  Try closing software applications that you are not using and then re-open them when you are ready for them.  Another solution is to add more memory to your computer.

Always practice “safe computing” by having an anti-virus program running on your computer at all times.  Be careful what you download and keep your computer clean by deleting files you no longer need.

PCRx Computers offers free diagnostic analysis of your slow computer.  They can make recommendations on what you can do your be back up and running quickly.

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