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You have probably been online browsing the internet for that special Christmas gift for your son or the collectible item for dad.  More than any other application on our computers we use our browser the most.  Let’s face it, your browser is your key to being able to connect with friends on Facebook, pay your bills, play games and most important – shop!

We are take a brief break from our series on being found online to give you a year-end update. Learn why it is important to keep your browser updated.

Everyone has their favorite browser.  Currently I’m using Google Chrome because it is faster and time is always of the essence.  Other people like Firefox but there have been complaints lately that it can be unstable.  The most common browser that people are familiar with is Internet Explorer; however, it is known to be slower than most other browsers.

Your browser, regardless of which one you choose, is vulnerable the same as any other application on your computer.  It can be hacked by the bad guys when they come banging on your computers door.  One practice that will help this situation is making sure that you are using the latest version and that you have installed all of the updates.  One of the benefits of Google Chrome is that it automatically updates every time you restart the browser.

Protect Your Browser Privacy

Have you ever wondered why certain websites always appear when you do a search in your browser?  The program is maintaining a complete record of all you cyber travels.  Every website you visit is recorded in the history.  This can be helpful if you frequent certain sites on a regular basis.  However, if you want to see a fresh version of the sites that match your search criteria, you may want to turn off this history feature.  If you are using Chrome, click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner, select Options then select Under the Hood from the left menu.  Check the Clear Browsing data button to make sure they are set to what you would like to see.  These steps are usually under Options in other browsers as well.

Another area where you need to be careful is with plug-ins or add-ons.  These are applications that you add to your browser that will allow you to do all kinds of cool stuff.  Firefox is especially known for the ability to add these nifty options.  Beware that each of these plug-ins add one more place where a virus can slip in and cause havoc. Each additional add-on that is installed adds one more layer of vulnerability

The bottom line is whichever browser you use as your favorite, make sure that you keep it updated and above all have fun.

If you find that your system has been invaded, give PCRx Computers a call today and we will be glad to remove the invaders from your system.  We are also happy to answer any questions you have about your browser.

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