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Parental Control softwareThe emergence of the world wide web, in some respects, has made the task of being a parent a bit more difficult. We would like our kids to discover the extensive wealth of information available online and talk to their friends over the internet (frees up the phone). On the other hand, it could also potentially expose our kids to inappropriate content, indecent pop-up adverts, as well as sexual predators. As a matter of fact, research shows that 1 out of 5 kids with ages ranging between 10 and 17 have obtained a sexual solicitation online. This is certainly not something that any parent would like to hear, yet needs to address.

We must have a bit of assurance that once our young ones go online, they will be safe and secure. Internet filters are important when it comes to protecting your kids. A certain tool that can help us in this objective is Internet Parental Control software. Among the leading brands in parental control software is ContentWatch, and when the Big Mouse himself endorses this software, then it should be very good. If Disney believes it is good enough to set up three of the ContentWatch software in their Disney Dream Desk PC, then we can think of it as extremely worthy. After all, they’re prepared to risk their well-established reputation on it.

You can easily install, set up, and personalize the software. In case you have any issues, ContentWatch offers unrestricted toll-free customer and technical support. ContentProtect could block any pornographic sites, hate sites, sketchy forums, as well as other recognized hazards of the web. You may even set up ContentProtect to block games and gambling websites, and set it up in a way that your kids could only install and play video games that have parental reviews and ratings that you consider as appropriate.

Additional features are:

  • Inclusion of Safe Search functions in well-known search engines like Google
  • Creates reports of your kid’s activity online
  • Records of your kid’s chat room and instant messages
  • Reports in case your son or daughter attempts to get rid of or even turn off the protection
  • Filters inappropriate material on Peer-to-Peer sites and other networks
  • Password protected access for moms and dads
  • Easy to customize limitations for every member of the family.
  • Automatic and free software updates.

ContentWatch offers a two-week, free trial of their product’s full version. The software is priced at $39.99 per seat (can be installed on a single computer). It is a one-time purchase price that will supply you with unrestricted use of this important solution or service. There is no need to renew your subscription or pay any extra membership charges if you wish to use the program. It looks like a decent price for computer security and the peace of mind that you will get every time your kids surf the web.

PcRx will be very happy to check out all of your personal computers to make sure they’re safe for your kids.

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