What is Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingAs a small business owner you need every advantage you can get.  Many business owners are turning to the cloud for this advantage.  Cloud computing can help small businesses grow at a faster pace while at the same time saving money.

The concept is that you turn to other companies to store your data and to share software applications over the internet.  There are some risks involved, but it can make small companies grow bigger at a faster pace and save money.

Uses of Cloud Computing

Most companies use their own computers to store data.  If you have large amounts of data, for example a gaming company, your need for storage will outgrow your available space.  Many companies are opting for cloud computing rather than purchase additional on-site storage.

Cloud computing allows companies to store data and only pay for the storage space they use. Think of this like your local storage facility.  You want a small storage area, you only pay for a small area, if you need more space, you upgrade to a larger storage container.

Many hospitals are turning to cloud computing for software applications that streamline the admittance process. These programs can be accessed using a mobile device eliminating the need for tablets or laptops.  The staff has quick access to patient information right in their pocket.

Revenue from cloud computing is expected to double by the year 2014. There are risks in using this new technology.  Amazon suffered a major shutdown due to cloud computing in April of 2011.  This raised questions on the reliability and security issues of using cloud computing.  You are relying on the internet link to your provider and access your information.

Many people are leery of the security issues with using the internet for data transfer.  It will take time for the public to be comfortable that this is a safe way to do business.  Think of it like when the refrigerator was first introduced and people feared that their electric bill would be excessive.  As people started using refrigerators, word of mouth spread and they become more confident in the device. The same will hold true with cloud computing.

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