4 Tips to Help Your Computer Survive a Storm

Conway computersMyrtle Beach Computer Repair experts at PcRx would like to give you some great advice for this time of year when we are experiencing a lot of thunderstorms.

Tip #1 If it’s raining out, save often. This sounds so simple but how often do we forget.  If you are in a Microsoft Office program such as Word or Excel, you can use the short cut key <ctrl> + S.  It takes about 2 seconds to save a lot of hard work.  Note – this short cut works in a lot of programs so give it a try.

Tip #2 If it’s storming out, turn off your computer.  I know – you have a lot of work to do and just can’t stop. Believe me you will be glad you did when you don’t blow up your computer.

Tip #3  If it’s thundering out, turn off your computer and unplug it from the wall/electric source. Ok, if you are not going to take this advice, make sure you have a good backup program.  Give us a call and we can help you out with this.

Tip #4 To avoid doing 1, 2 and 3, consider getting one of these devices. Not only do they save your computer from a meltdown, but keep your computer running during the storm. Plug your modem into it and you are still surfing away while lighting is going on. It’s pretty cool to see the first time you are running on a battery during a storm. It’s like a having your own Yankee candle – you can just keep on working.

They run about $80, sold at most electronic stores.

Now… a computer should not be plugged into one of these…

They are useless. Sure, they are good for getting more power, but do nothing for you in regards to saving your computer during a storm. And I bet most of you have your computer plugged into one right now.

Myrtle Beach Computers Power 2If you can’t afford the $80 price tag on the big power back up, you can consider a cheaper model sold at most Lowe’s, Target, Walmart type stores. These run about $20.

If you need help with figuring out all of your cords and would like a home visit, please fill out this form and we will get back to you to schedule an appt. If you have had your power destroy your computer and you want your data back, we can help with that, too of course. Or better yet, let’s set up online back up today!

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