Summer Guide to Cyber Safety Part 2

cyber safety ConwayToday we will discuss if you really have to stay connected while on vacation.

In our previous article we recommended you stay away from public computers such as those in hotels and Internet Cafés. But sometimes that is easier said than done so here is a short guide to Going Online in Public.

First and foremost of all if you have the least amount of concern regarding the computer you are using DO NOT use it to access sensitive sites like banking, brokerage, etc. This is obviously a judgment call and you best use your good judgment here. You just don’t want to use a compromised computer.

If you log onto an information sensitive web site, be sure to logout when you have completed your cycle. Do the following

  • Log out
  • delete the web history
  • close the browser when you are done.

This is important –  you don’t want any sensitive data stuck in the cache or in any way accessible.

If you would like to increase your cyber browsing security you can install a portable version of Firefox on a USB drive and load the browser directly from it instead of the computer. This would increase your cyber security.

Backup and Encrypt your data so even the snoopers cannot find their way.

Use only the strongest of passcodes or phrases.

Of course keep your Anti-Virus up to date.

When you return from traveling, it is a good idea to stop by your local computer experts at PCRx and have them do a complete scan of your laptop.  This only takes a few minutes and can save you hours of frustration.

Happy Travels

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