Computer Related Christmas Gifts

Myrtle Beach ComputerEveryone has people on their holiday list that are hard to buy for.  I know for me it is my dad.  He has lived a long life and has everything he has ever wanted – at least everything that I could afford.  Then it dawned on me – his greatest treasures are photos and many of these are stored on his computer.  I casually asked him if his computer was backed up and he look at me like “Why would I need that?”  He said that most of the information that is on his computer was in hard copy form somewhere in the house.  I thought of all of our unfortunate neighbors in the north that recently experienced tropical storm Sandy and lost everything.  How would he feel if this happened to him?

So what am I getting my dad for Christmas? Computer backup from PcRx.  It will give him (and me) the peace of mind knowing that he won’t lose precious memories in the event of fire, storm or a computer crash. You may not think this is the most personal thing in the world, but I am sure it will mean a lot to my dad.

Other Computer Related Gifts That You May Not Have Thought of:

Do you have a business owner in your family?  If so, they are often so busy running their business they don’t think about what will happen if their computer goes down and they need help.  PcRx can customize a maintenance plan to fit their specific requirements.  This could not only include their computer but also their cell phone, printers and other peripheral equipment.  This may not sound like a sexy gift but it is one they will thank you for all year long.

Rebuild a computer for your high school or college student. Many students have tablets or iPads they carry everywhere.  But when it comes to sitting down to serious homework, these devices can be difficult to work with.  A desktop computer is ideal for writing papers, doing research or working on those math problems.  You can save hundreds of dollars by having PcRx build you a computer from refurbished parts.

Surge protection for their computer.  So many people rely on a strip they bought at the local discount store to protect their computer. Then a storm comes along and they find that strip is completely useless.  At PcRx Computers we have several models of surge protection that can keep your loved ones computer and data safe during any storm.

Computer Accessories – stop by our store to see a wide variety of computer accessories.  Don’t think the big box stores are the only ones with nifty stuff.  We have great computer related items from stocking stuffers to great gift ideas.

Downtown Conway is a great place to shop for unique gift ideas and PcRx Computers is no exception.   See you soon.

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