Are You Taking Your Computer Security Seriously

Computer Security Myrtle BeachWith all that is going on in the world, it seems that as time goes by we become more and more complacent.  An orange alert doesn’t mean much to us anymore.  This same complacency often applies to our computer security.  It isn’t until something happens that we wish we had taken the recommended precautions.

Exactly what are we referring to when we talk about computer security?  The primary purpose of computer security is to protect your information and computer property from not only theft but also from natural disaster such as a power outage and from corruption.  At the same time, you still need for the information to remain accessible to you and others to whom you grant access.  In other words, you want to make sure that valuable or sensitive information is kept secure and safe and that the bad guys are kept out.

With today’s technology, computer security is affordable and there is really no excuse for not taking the necessary precautions.  We have mentioned VIPRE in previous posts and their home license allows you to protect your home computer, laptop and iPad for one low annual fee.

Here are 7 simple tips on computer security

Make sure that you keep your anti-virus and firewall up to date.  There are over 70,000 new software applications being developed every day and many of these are malicious invaders that are just waiting to attack your computer.  Check with your local computer dealer on how to ensure that your spyware is current.

Don’t forget to install your patches.  When you start your computer, you will receive a pop up on your status bar telling you if there are updates that need to be installed.  Do not ignore these warnings.  It only takes a few minutes and your computer will automatically restart after the install.  Your computer will thank you.

Let’s talk – again – about passwords. I know – you have been inundated with warnings about passwords.  When you create a password for a program, you will be told if that password is weak, medium or strong.  These are only suggestions. If your password is weak, you will want to fix it.  However, even a strong password that is used over and over is a possible leak of information.  Try and develop a methodology that is one you will remember so you don’t have to write down the password but that the password is different for each site where you store confidential information such as online credit card payments or banking.  Computer Repair Myrtle Beach PCRx recommends that your read “Keep your data safe by following the Password Commandment” by Dennis O’Riley.

Never send your password to sensitive information to someone via email.  It is too easy for your email to be spoofed by online hackers.  As a side note, this rule also applies to sending credit card information via email.

Be careful when downloading free software or free trials.  Make sure you are on a reputable website. One way to check is to look at the page rank of the website.  If it is a rank of 3 or higher, you are probably safe downloading the software.  The page rank is the value that Google places on the site.  You can install the Google toolbar and there is an icon that will tell you the page rank.

Also be careful of add-ons or what is referred to as piggybacks when you are downloading software.  Make sure these boxes are not pre-checked when you are downloading even legitimate software.

Is your router protected on your wireless network?  When you install the router you will want to ensure that encryption is enabled and always rename the connection and create new passcodes from the original configuration.  Your Myrtle Beach Computer Repair pros at PCRx can assist with the reinstallation if you feel this was not done correctly the first time.

Awareness is the key to computer security.  Pay attention to what you are clicking on whether that is an email attachment, a download link on a website or a link on your favorite social network.  All of these have the potential to either harm your computer or grab information that can be used against you.

If you have any doubt that your computer security has been compromised, call your local computer specialists for help at 843-488-4100.

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