How to Properly Clean Your Cell Phone and Avoid Costly Repairs

Phone Repair ConwayAccording to professional phone specialists, one of the most common causes for cell phone repair is damage due to improper cleaning methods. Keeping your smart phone clean is an important part of your mobile phone maintenance. Proper cleaning methods help to make your mobile phone more durable to resist damage and scratches. On the other hand, when done improperly, it may lead to costly damage that will require professional assistance.

To help you ensure you are properly cleaning your mobile phones, here are some tips and guidelines that you should follow:

1. Never use household cleaners – Keep in mind that the screens of your smart phones are made from a specific material that is unlike that of your windows, TV screens, and LCD screens. The screen of your smart phone has a protective coating that is highly sensitive and, thus, could easily be damaged by the chemicals present in many household cleaners.

The cleaning products that you should not use in cleaning your smart phone include window cleaners, antibacterial cleaner, cleaning products for LCD screens, vinegar, and lemon juice. All these contain chemical substances that can damage or remove the protective coating on the screen of your smart phone. To avoid this from happening and to better take care of your smart phone, only use water in cleaning your mobile phone.

2. Always use water in small amounts – Phone repair experts recommend the use of water to more effectively clean the screens of your smart phone. Water is especially helpful in removing sticky substance or oil on your mobile phone. However, you should remember to use only small amounts of water. Do not directly pour water on your mobile phone or submerge your phone in water.

The best way to clean your smart phone with water is to dampen a microfiber cloth with small amount of water and use the cloth to wipe away the dirt and debris on your screen. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the excess moisture left on the screen. If you think you have added more water than necessary to your mobile phone, consult your user’s manual on what to do to resolve the problem.

3. Wipe off stains immediately – If you have accidentally spilled juice, coffee or other substances on your mobile phone, it is extremely important that you wipe the stain away immediately. If possible, use a microfiber cloth for wiping the stain from your phone. These work great in removing the spill so make sure you bring one everywhere you go.

Aside from preventing the spill from seeping through the inside of your smart phone, where it can cause more damage, immediately wiping the spill also prevents the stain from sticking to the screen, making it even more difficult to remove and eventually leaving an unsightly stain.

4. Only use microfiber or lint-free cloth when cleaning your smart phone – According to phone repair experts, the best material to use in cleaning your mobile phone is microfiber or lint-free cloths. Unlike towels and napkins, these do not cause scratches and dents on the surface of your smart phone. Most devices often come with these cleaning cloths as part of your purchase. Make sure you only use this cloth when cleaning your smart phone. If you lost yours or do not have one, these cleaning cloths can be purchased at your local computer stores.

Always remember that a clean mobile phone is easier to use and more durable against damages and scratches. Thus, to enjoy your smart phone longer, make sure you clean it regularly and properly. Otherwise, you will find yourself going to a repair shop more frequently.

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