What You Need To Do Before A Scheduled Computer Repair

Computer Repair ConwayBefore that date of the computer repair, owners should prepare their computers before bringing it to the shop or before the technician arrives. Unfortunately, many computer owners fail to complete the necessary preparations. As a result, they end up with a disastrous computer service where most of the information and data in their computer is either lost or damaged.

Computers are often the primary storage areas that people use for safekeeping of their files and data and if you are bringing in your computer for a service repair, be sure that you do the following precautions and preparations to avoid losing or damaging your data.

1. Create a backup of all your files and data
This is the first thing you should do before bringing in your computer for repair. This is for your protection and to ensure that your files and data remain safe while the computer is being repaired. Most technicians in many computer repair shops will ask you whether or not you have a backup of all your files and data. The primary reason for this is that they cannot guarantee that your files will remain safe and undamaged throughout the repair process.

For best results, create a backup of your entire hard drive on an external device. If possible create an image backup of your hard drive. This will allow you to easily restore your computer files and programs just the way they are before you brought it in for repair. It doesn’t always happen but should the technician see the need to reformat your computer, some – if not all – of your files may be lost or damaged; thus, making it difficult for you or them to restore your computer.

2. Protect or remove your sensitive files
Some computer owners save their bank statements, tax forms or credit card bills in their computers. If you are among these individuals, be sure you protect these files by encrypting them with a password or removing them completely from your computer. This is to protect the information that can be obtained from these files such as your complete name, address, contact information, credit card numbers and SSN number. If you do not want to remove them completely from your computer, consider placing them in a more secured storage device, one that only you can access.

3. Save all your work files on the cloud
If you are using your computer for work-related tasks, you should make sure that all your work files are saved in the cloud. This will allow you to access necessary documents anytime and anywhere and using any type of device. Keep in mind that you will not be able to access your computer when you bring it to a computer repair shop. Thus, you need to make all necessary files and documents that you need for your work easily accessible to you using another computer.

Some options you can consider for saving your work files in the cloud are Dropbox, Google Drive and your email. There are many other free cloud-based storage programs that you can use for saving your work files. The great things about using these cloud-based storage programs is when you access a file and make changes, the file is automatically saved. So when you open the file on a different computer or device, the changes you made are saved.

4. Disable passwords in your computer
After ensuring that all your files and data are safe and backed up, you need to disable all passwords in your computer. This will make it easier for the technician to do their job and make the necessary repairs to your computer. Note that they may need to install a software or program and if your computer is password protected, they cannot simply install the program. They will need to get the password from you and enter it to authorize the installation. Thus, instead of giving them your password, consider disabling all passwords instead.

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