What Every User Should Do With Their New Computers

New Computers Myrtle BeachNew computers do not always come with all the software and programs that you need. Some already have their own antivirus software but they often do not provide secure protection. Also, there are computers that need to be set up before you can make use of them. This is especially true if you are using your computer for a specific purpose.

This is why experts highly recommend that new owners do the following to help set up their new computers.

Protect your computer from viruses, spyware, spam and phishing

Whether your computer already comes with its own antivirus program or not, you still need to install appropriate antivirus software to ensure your computer is protected from viruses, spyware, spam and phishing. It is not advisable for you to rely solely on the antivirus software that came with your computer. There are other programs that you need to install to build up a secure wall of protection for your computer and files.

Some of the most important protection programs that you will want to install include a malware detection program. This will help detect spyware and malware, which are not often easily spotted by an antivirus program. Aside from these, you as a user should also practice safety and precaution when using your computer to further prevent virus infection.

Keep in mind that there are lots of viruses that your computer can get from the internet, particularly from opening emails, downloading files and attachments, and visiting websites. Aside from these, you can also get virus from sharing the use of external hard drives, flash drives and memory cards.

Install a separate surge protector from your computer

Another thing you want to protect your computer from is electrical surges and power loss. These minor and major electrical glitches could damage your computer as well as your other electrical appliances. To these, you should consider installing a separate surge protector for your computer. You should also think about purchasing a UPS for your computer so that you will have time to save everything that you are doing and to properly shut down your computer should there be a power loss.

These things are inevitable and they happen without warning. Thus, it pays to set up a secure protection from electrical surges and power loss and prevent them from damaging and causing problems to your new computers.

Create backup

Although one of the primary reasons why you bought a new computer is to have a place where you can store your files, particularly your documents, pictures and videos, PCRx Computers suggest having a backup storage of all your files. This will make sure that should anything happen to your new computer, which is inevitable; you will still be able to access all your files.

Remember that computers can sometimes fail or become damaged due to various circumstances. Maybe it got infected by virus or spyware that your antivirus software was not able to detect and treat or something accidentally spilled on the CPU. When this happens, your computer’s memory and hard drive may be affected, resulting in computer failure and wiping out all your files. You could try and recover your files, however, this can be expensive depending on the damage of your computer. Thus, the best and easiest way to prevent all these is to have a backup of all your documents, photos, videos and programs.

Always read and understand every agreement before proceeding

When using your computer, you will always receive prompts and dialog boxes. Often, computer users immediately agree to them without even taking the time to read, just to remove them from the screen. Others just close them down. Whenever you receive these prompts, you should take the time to read and understand them before clicking OK or closing it down.

If what you are doing is really important, you should consider saving what you’re doing first and then go back to the prompt to read it. These prompts carry important information or messages about your computer – maybe about a virus that has been detected or that your computer needs restarting. Whatever it may be, it appeared on your screen for a reason.

It is extremely important for users to learn how to properly take care of their new computers. For professional assistance in installing appropriate and safe programs on your computer, give PCRx Computers a call today.

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