How To Use Your Laptop To Avoid Frequent Computer Repair

Computer Repair ConwayAccording to computer repair experts, the most common problems where their assistance is needed is often related to laptops. Apparently, younger and younger individuals are using laptops and, unfortunately, most of them are not taught to properly handle and take care of their laptops.

However, many would agree that computer users will naturally learn the proper way of using laptops and computers without having someone else teach and guide them. Because people have become more dependent on gadgets and technology, they look for ways to make better use of their computers on their own. After all, who would want to have their computers and laptops brought to repair shops on a regular basis?

If you are among those computer users looking for ways to use your laptops so as to prevent frequent trips to computer repair shops in Conway, the following tips could help you.

1. Laptops are not designed to be used on top of your lap
Despite what the name suggests, laptops should not be used on top of your lap. Experts suggest placing them on top of a solid and flat surface. This is necessary to allow appropriate air circulation and, thus, prevent overheating of your laptop. Your lap is not a solid and flat surface and even with a pillow, you will still not be able to properly use your laptop. Keep in mind that frequent overheating may cause your laptop to randomly shut down; and in some instances, some internal parts may also be damaged.

2. Always properly shut down your laptop
When you are done using your laptop, always go through the proper process of shutting down even if it includes installing software updates, which often take awhile. Keep in mind that when these machines shut down, they go through several processes and steps. A premature shut down will prevent them from going through the necessary processes, causing them to malfunction when you boot them back up.

Note that some of the processes your laptop goes through when shutting down include software maintenance and scans, which help keep your laptop in top shape. Thus, it is extremely important that your laptops go through these shut down processes at least once every day.

3. Do not move your laptop often, especially when it is switched on
Frequently moving your laptop or using it at an awkward angle may cause damage to its hard drive. This is most especially true when your laptop is switched on and the hard drive is active. Moving it may cause parts of the hard drive to bump and touch other parts that they are meant to be separated from. For example, the actuator arm may bump into the magnetic memory surface of the hard drive, resulting in permanent severe damage. Should this happen, you need to call in Conway computer repair professionals at PCRx and have them look at your laptop’s hard drive. You may have to buy a new one to replace it.

4. Use your laptop’s battery
The reason a laptop is built with a battery is so that you can use it conveniently, without the need to plug it an outlet. Thus, the proper way of using laptops is to charge the battery to full, unplug from the outlet and power on. Once the battery is drained, recharge it again before using your laptop. Avoid using your laptop while it is plugged in because you are not saving battery life that way. In fact you are damaging your battery if you use your laptop while it is plugged in.

5. Avoid pulling on the cord
Similarly with other electrically powered gadgets, it is not advisable to pull or yank on your power cords. Doing so will cause damage to the plug’s end or the other end that is connected to your gadget, laptop or appliance. Doing so with your laptop will affect how it charges. It may cause it to fail when charging, at which point you will need to buy a new charger or have the port where you connect the charger repaired or replaced.

Laptops and computers are very useful machines for every individual regardless of age and location. People have become greatly dependent on these machines. This is why it is important that you learn how to properly take care and maintain them so you can use them for much longer.

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