Computer Help Tips In Getting The Most Out Of Your Computer

Computer Help ConwayAccording to many computer help experts, more and more individuals are seeking professional advice and assistance on proper computer care and maintenance. Computers and technology have become an important and integral part of human life. People have become greatly dependent on computers for most of their daily tasks and responsibilities. And with this great dependence on computers comes the need for proper care and maintenance routine to get the most out of your computers and laptops.

You need to take better care of your computer to maintain its highly efficient performance. Failure to do so may mean several problems for you which may take months to be resolved especially if you need to replace a particular part that was damaged. Or you could end up with lost or stolen files, documents, photos, videos, and all sorts of online information and data that you have stored in your computer.

Here is a list of simple computer help tips you can follow to better take care and maintain your computers and laptops.

1. Secure your personal information

As technology continues to develop, many hackers and scammers have also been devising ways to get to your personal information. They know people have become dependent on the internet and their computer that they now use it to access their bank accounts and even shop online using their credit cards. This is why many have been victims of online scams where their credit cards have been wiped out or when they could no longer access their bank account online.

To avoid these from happening to you, make sure your personal information – including account usernames and passwords are highly secured. Never give them out to anyone or save them on a document in your computer. Hackers could find a way to access your computer and files and may stumble upon that document containing all your accounts’ access information.

What computer help experts suggest is using stronger passwords. These contain symbols, numbers and letters in both the small and capital variations. Although it can be difficult to generate such passwords and remember them, you can opt to use a password generator software.

2. Practice extreme caution when using public Wi-Fi networks

While public Wi-Fi networks are really useful and convenient especially for many individuals who are always on the go but needed to be connected on the internet, there are certain limitations and restrictions you must remember when connecting through them. One thing you should know about public Wi-Fi networks is that data sent through them can easily be intercepted. Hackers can easily scoop up data and information by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network that you are connected to.

Thus, experts strongly warn against accessing your bank accounts and social media accounts when connecting through public Wi-Fi networks. You can safely use them for other purposes such as for researching and looking for the nearest restaurant. But if you need to input any of your personal information – including your name, location, address and especially your username and password – try to wait until you’re connected through a private network. Otherwise, connect through your smartphone’s 3G or 4G connectivity.

3. Keep everything updated

An important aspect of maintaining your computer is keeping everything updated. This includes your operating system and antivirus programs and software. These can be easily automated so you will be sure not to miss any important update. However, there are times when you need to reboot your computer for the updates to be fully installed. A window will pop up asking you to reboot your computer. If you are currently working on an important task, save everything that you have done so far and reboot your computer. Computer help experts highly recommend not to postpone installing the updates to your operating system and antivirus programs.

Keep in mind that these updates help your computer remain safe and stable. Plus, it also helps to improve the efficiency of your computer’s operations. You will be surprised to find out your computer runs much faster and performs more effectively after installing the necessary updates.

4. Help your computer run smoothly

You can actually help your computer to run more smoothly by maintaining it, as well as keeping it clean and organized. Set a schedule for cleaning your computer hardware and software. Do this at least once a week. Start by dusting it out and removing any dirt and debris that have accumulated in between the keys on your keyboard and under your mouse.

For your computer software, remove all the files that you will no longer need. You can also opt to transfer the important files, documents, photos, and videos into an external hard drive to free up some memory space on your computer. This will help make it function a lot faster, smoother and more efficiently. Do the same with programs and software installed in your computer. Remove the ones you will no longer use. You can opt to uninstall the software but save the installer in an external storage device so you can easily re-install it when you will need to use it.

5. Share files between computers and devices

If you are using more than one computer or device, you will need to share files between them for your various tasks. Now, you can do them faster and safer through online file sharing services such as Dropbox. Although you can also do them through emails, you are limited by the size of the file that you can share via sending an email.

Aside from this, you can also easily and safely share files between your computer and laptop by creating a temporary ad-hoc network. A quick search in the internet will provide you with easy-to-follow steps in doing this. Make sure the process is applicable and appropriate for your type of operating system. Try to avoid sharing files using external drives or thumb drives without scanning them first. Keep in mind that computer viruses and malware can hitchhike in an external drive or thumb drive to get from one computer to another.

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