Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your Cracked iPhones Yet

Myrtle Beach Cracked iPhonesAccording to recent reports, what most smart phone users do to their cracked iPhones is either throw it away or send it to a recycling center. Whatever they decide, they often end up getting rid of their broken smart phones and replacing it with a new one. This is not only frustrating but also a waste of money for many individuals, not to mention the time you will need to get back all your contacts and apps.

For those smart phone users who have a tight budget and do not have a spare phone they can use, they are left with the option of repairing their cracked screens. They could bring their cracked iPhones to the nearest Apple store and wait in a long line before they can be serviced. Upon speaking with personnel, they will be told to wait for a couple of days – or in reality, weeks – for their phones to be fixed, as there are lots of other phones they are sure to be repairing at the moment.

Another option would be to bring your broken phones to mobile phone repair centers that can provide you with a quicker service. The drawback to this is you can never be too sure about their service and they often do not provide warranty. Plus, if you brought your iPhones to an unauthorized repair center, Apple will no longer recognize your iPhone if you bring it to them for repair.

New solution for cracked iPhones

Aside from throwing away your broken mobile phones, sending to a recycling center, waiting for Apple Center to repair it or risking unwarranted service from mobile phone repair centers, there is another option you could consider. And taking into account the benefits and convenience of this other option, you should definitely take a shot.

This other option is iCracked, the mobile phone repair service the fixes iPhones and Samsung phones. What makes this repair service unique is that their technicians are the ones who will go to your preferred location at your convenient time to fix your mobile phones.

You will have to contact them through their website or mobile app, enter your location to verify if there are available mobile phone technicians nearby. Once confirmed, you will have to enter details of your mobile phone – including brand, type, model, and color – as well as your contact information. This will allow the iCracked team to partner you with the most effective technician based on your needs and location. The technician will then contact you to set up the time, date and location of the repair.

How it all started

According to the founder of iCracked, AJ Forsythe, it all started when found an easy, affordable, and convenient way to repair his own iPhone without bringing it to the nearest Apple Center or to a mobile phone repair shop. What prompted him to pursue this alternative solution is because of repeatedly dropping and cracking his iPhone screen. He’s losing a lot of money on repairs and wasting time going back and forth to the repair center.

So he bought the parts that he needed online and repaired his own iPhone. He realized then that this alternative option is cheaper and quicker. Not long after, he started repairing mobile phones of other students out of his dorm room at California Polytechnic State University; and his main service, replacing cracked screens.

Now, he is successfully running iCracked with the help of 1,700 technicians all over the country and 400 more in 11 other countries.

Advantages of the iCracked service

The primary benefits of iCracked include:

  • Convenience of repairing your cracked iPhones on the spot
  • Much quicker service compared to other mobile phone repair centers with the average repair ranging from 40 to 60 minutes
  • Eliminating the long lines of waiting for your iPhones to be fixed
  • Having your iPhones repaired while you watch at your own convenient time and place
  • A wide range of services offered other than replacing cracked screens – such as damaged charge ports, faulty batteries, and water damage

iCracked understands how important smart phones are to people, especially now considering how much people are dependent to technology and social media. Being out of their mobile phones for even just a day could result to major changes in their routines. And this is what iCracked is continuously working to improve upon. They want to ensure mobile phone users are connected back to their smart phones at the soonest time possible.

Cracked iPhones in numbers

Here are some statistics regarding cracked mobile phones according to a poll by a British mobile phone insurance company:

  • 75% of all iPhone users in 2013 had broken or damaged their phone’s screens.
  • More than half of these iPhone users would not consider repairing their iPhones.
  • Since iPhones first went out in 2007, US consumers have spent approximately $5.9 million on repairs, primarily including cracked screens.

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