Cracked iPhones? No Longer A Problem With iCracked

Cracked iPhones Myrtle BeachThe most common problem being reported by many mobile users today is cracked iPhones. Currently, people are becoming more and more dependent on their smart phones, even when they are not supposed to use it, like when they are walking down the street or showering, they find it difficult to put down their phones. And because of this, they often accidentally drop or bump their iPhones. As a result, they end up with a cracked screen, rendering their mobile phones almost useless.

While this type of mobile phone incident is indeed devastating, the damage is not irreparable. In fact, it is pretty easy to resolve the problem because all you need is a screen replacement. However, the process to have your mobile screen replaced may not be so easy.

What to do with cracked iPhones?

If you have accidentally dropped your iPhone or whatever unfortunate incident your mobile has met that left it with a cracked screen, you basically have three options for repairing the damage. In the past, however, there were only two options: bring your iPhone to an authorized Apple store or to a random smart phones repair shop.

Both options have been exhausted by many smart phone users thousands of times, their experience worse than the last time they made an appointment. First of all, they need to get time off their busy schedules to drop their cracked iPhones to the nearest Apple store or repair shop. And once they arrive there, they are often greeted by not-so-cheerful personnel who will make you wait in line before you can finally speak with a technician.

After you’ve finally spoken to the technician, they will advise you to leave your mobile phone with them for a couple of days as there are lots of other mobile phones they are currently dealing with. The “couple of days” will turn out to be “a couple of weeks”. The only good thing that will come out of bringing your iPhones to an authorizes Apple store is that you can be sure that your phone will be as good as new when they return it to you. Plus, you can be certain that the screen used to replace your cracked iPhones is authentic and genuine. There is also a guarantee on the service they have rendered and on the product they have replaced on your smart phone. With a mobile phone repair shop, you cannot be too sure about the products they will use on your phone and they usually don’t have warranties on their repair services.

Good thing there’s another more convenient option for mobile phone users, the iCracked.

What is iCracked?

iCracked is a mobile device repair service that focuses primarily on Apple products. They have become really popular because of the convenience they offer to mobile phone users and the quick repair service they provide. What sets them apart among other mobile repair service providers is their on-call service. Their technicians are actually the ones who will go to you and repair your cracked iPhones. And the process for setting up an appointment is easy and quick.

You will have to go to the iCracked mobile app, considering you can still use your mobile phone despite the cracked screen. If your phone is rendered useless, you can either use another phone and download their mobile app from the Apple App Store or go to their website using your tablet, laptop, or computer. Once there, you will have to enter your location. Wait for the results to come up so you’ll know if there are any technicians available nearby.

Once you’ve confirmed this information, you will be asked to enter some important details such as the type, model and color of mobile device that needs repair, your mobile carrier, and what specific repair the device needs. You also need to provide your name and contact details. They will then find an available technician near you and have that technician contact you so you can set up a time, date, and place to meet.

How can iCracked help you?

There are various reasons why many mobile phone users prefer iCracked over other methods of having their mobile phone fixed.

  • They don’t have to travel to the nearest Apple store or mobile phone repair shop to drop off their cracked phones.
  • Technicians go to wherever they are or wherever is most convenient for them for the repair services.
  • The actual repair takes less than one hour. So you can have it done during your lunch hour at the office.
  • iCracked offers lots of other mobile phone repair services other than replacing cracked screens. They also do repairs on water damage, battery problems, and other structural issues.
  • Service rates are worth the convenience of the entire repair process.
  • You know what you will be paying for even before speaking with a technician and setting up an appointment. Thus, you know what to expect.

According to mobile phone technicians, people cannot help but damage their mobile phones. As they become more and more dependent on their mobile devices and as they continue to use it more and more often, the chances of dropping or breaking their iPhones increases. iCracked is a great service to have!

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