Computer Help 101: Learn How To Prevent, Protect And Back Up

Computer Help conwayVirus and malware attacks are continuously increasing along with computer hacks and data breeches and people are constantly on the lookout for professional computer help. According to experts, however, prevention is better than cure during these times. That is why it is important for computer owners to learn about the best ways to prevent attacks, protect their computers, and back up their files.

Prevent virus and malware attacks

Here are some of the common ways to effectively prevent virus and malware attacks. Do these regularly to ensure utmost prevention.

  • Always update your operating systems and software. These updates are free and are regularly released. Set your computer to automatically download updates to your operating system and software so you won’t miss them.
  • Ensure that your anti-virus program is always active and up to date. It is important to keep your anti-virus program running at all times to ensure that your computer has maximum protection. Regardless of the brand, manufacturer or type of anti-virus program that you use, always make sure it is up to date. Set a schedule – like once a week – when you will check for and install updates for your anti-virus program.
  • Do not open unknown attachments or attachments from unknown senders. Computer help experts believe this is the most common way to spread malware and viruses. Sometimes, they come in the form of attachments, sometimes through links they send via email. When you receive an email from an unknown source, avoid opening it, clicking any links inside it or downloading any attachments.

Protect your computer

Aside from preventive methods, you should also ensure that your computer is highly protected so you can avoid being infected by harmful viruses and malware as much as possible. However, hackers and fraudulent individuals are continuously improving their malicious ways that it seems that whatever brand of or regardless of how many anti-virus programs you have on your computer, you still find yourself hacked or dealing with a virus that is difficult to remove.

Should this be the case, the best route for you to take is to work with an experienced and licensed computer help professional. They will work with you to ensure that your computer is highly protected.

Back up your files

Make regular backups of all your files and data. Experts suggest making several backups and storing them in different online and offline storage devices to ensure you won’t lose any important file should your computer or one of your devices get infected by viruses or malware.

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