The Best Virus Protection Guide Against Adware

Conway Virus ProtectionOne of the most common causes of computer problems and the need for tighter and more secured virus protection methods is adware. According to computer experts, it is extremely difficult to avoid getting infected by adware because it is everywhere and could be obtained very easily; especially now that people are relying more and more on the internet. As they search for information they need and download files, images, documents, and others, they can also easily download adware.

What makes adware extremely dangerous is that it can install itself on your computers without need for a trigger or any third party assistance. More and more computer owners are getting infected by adware and even if they used all the latest virus protection software and applications, these malware-type pests could still find their ways inside computers to wreak havoc.

To avoid getting infected by these adware, here is a simple guide that you can follow.

1. Download only from trusted and reliable sources
Like what is mentioned above, adware can be obtained from downloading files and images from the internet. Thus, it is extremely important that you download only from trusted and reliable sources.

The number one channels used by adware to get to your computers are free software and games. So if you are downloading these, be sure you get them from trusted websites like Google Play and the App Store. If downloading software for your printer or laptop, go to the manufacturer’s website.

2. Always uncheck third party sponsored programs
Often when installing a program or software you have just downloaded, you will be asked to agree to terms. Before you click OK, I Agree or Next, be sure to uncheck any boxes that tell you a third party toolbar or search bar or other programs will also be installed along with the program you have downloaded. Sometimes these boxes are small and often appear below the I Agree check box. For best results, be sure to read everything before clicking Next.

3. Avoid clicking on pop ups and advertisements
There are a lot of websites where pop ups and window advertisements appear while you are browsing through the site. Sometimes, they appear when you click on a certain area in the site such as the site’s search bar. Should these windows appear, you need to click out of them at once. Virus protection professionals highly suggest not proceeding with the window open or you’ll risk getting adware.

4. Free toolbars
Do NOT install toolbars. These are adware in a different form. Should you be offered to download them for free, no matter how tempting they seem, do not download and install them.

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