Computer Help Tips In Maximizing The Use Of Your Wi-Fi

Myrtle Beach Computer HelpOne of the most common problems that make people call for professional computer help and assistance is related to Wi-Fi issues. Everyone wants faster Internet connection. And sometimes, not all Internet connection problems can be traced back to your service providers. There are things that you do and don’t do that might have caused the problems.

Listed below are some tips you can do to help you improve your Wi-Fi connection at home and maximize the use of your internet connection service.

1. Computer help professionals suggest placing your Wi-Fi router near the center of your home and, if possible, at a high shelf. This will allow you to access the full Wi-Fi signal wherever you are in the house.

2. If your neighbor uses a Wi-Fi connection as well, use a different Wi-Fi channel than your neighbor. Seek the assistance of your Internet service provider for this. Running on the same channel effectively slows down both you and your neighbor’s Internet connection as both of your Wi-Fi routers are feeding off of the same connection.

3. Cordless phones and microwaves are likely to operate on the same frequency as your Wi-Fi router, so try not to place them anywhere near your router to help boost your Internet connection.

4. Using a Wi-Fi repeater helps improve the signal from your router to your device. There are lots of Wi-Fi repeaters available in the market today. Consult with your computer help specialists to ensure you get the most suitable and efficient repeater for your router and internet connection.

5. Place reflectors behind the device that you want to connect to your Wi-Fi. Placing the reflectors directly behind the device’s antenna will significantly boost the signal strength, allowing you to easily connect through your wireless internet connection.

6. If you want to increase the range of your Wi-Fi router, you can consider getting and installing a third-party antenna to your router. However, be mindful that this will only boost the direct signals of the router and not the Wi-Fi network. To increase your network, you will have to install repeaters throughout the house to increase and relay signals from the main router through the different areas of the house, depending on where you placed the repeater.

7. If you want to boost the power that the antenna will relay to your devices, install an aftermarket firmware to your router. Make sure, however, that your router supports this type of addition. Confirm with your Internet service provider and Wi-Fi router manufacturer before purchasing a firmware.

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