Computer Help: List Of Gift Ideas For The Holidays

conway computer helpIf you are running out of gift ideas to give this Christmas, consider this unusual computer help list of a tech geek’s accessories that you can purchase as gifts for the coming holidays.

Christmas is just around the corner and you still have not completed your shopping list. You’ve got no time left to browse stores and online shops to find that perfect gift for your friends or relatives. Don’t fret because below is a list of some easy Christmas gift ideas you can consider.

These gifts are great for your computer help professionals who have always been there for you and your computer no matter how petty or major the problem is. They can also be gifted to your geek friend or your relative who spends most of his time online through his computer, tablet, or smart phone.

1. Portable external hard drive storage – If any of your relatives work from home, they will surely benefit from another external hard drive. Even your friend who loves to take pictures and collect videos would love an external hard drive to keep all his files in. You can also consider gifting the smaller version of an external hard drive to high school or college students to provide them with a portable device to save their assignments and projects in.

2. Noise cancelling headphones – Another great gift for those who work from home as they would need a quiet background to speak with their clients. You can also give this as a gift to your friend whose relatives are abroad. This will help your friend converse more clearly and frequently with his or her loved ones.

3. Keyboard wrist gel pad – If you have a writer friend or anyone who types a lot, you can give them these gel pads as a gift for Christmas. This are actually therapeutic and will be great to relax their wrists and prevent any health diseases that may arise from typing too much and too long.

4. Laptop or tablet shock protector – If your younger cousins own a tablet, you can give them a shock protector this Christmas. Aside from protecting their tablets and laptops from the shock when they accidentally get dropped, they are also great for preventing scratch marks on their devices.

5. Back-up charger – Yes, everyone you know already has a charger but this could be the best gift for someone who is always on the go. Having a handy charger on hand that he or she can bring everywhere is truly convenient. Plus, it would effectively prevent the risks of losing laptop or smart phone chargers.

6. Solid state drive – One of the common reasons why someone might need professional computer help is because they are running out of RAM. You can help solve this problem and make life much easier for them by gifting them a solid sate drive. These effectively increase a computer’s RAM and speeds up its performance.

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