Computer Help: Do Music And Pictures Slow Computers Down?

computer helpAccording to many computer owners, one of the most common reasons why they need computer help is because their PCs are running slow. Slow running PCs can happen for various reasons. A lot of people wonder if saving music and images in their computers is causing them to operate slowly.

The answer to that, according to professional computer help and repair experts, is that it can be one of the many reasons, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop downloading and storing music, etc. on your PC hard drive. What actually makes your computer slow is the amount of memory space taken up by all the files and documents you save in your pc – and these include your music files, audio files, and images.

Keep in mind that computers need sufficient amount of memory space in order to function and operate smoothly and efficiently. If you’ve collected a ton of images, music, and other documents in your computer, it’s probably time for a pc clean up. If you can’t delete your files, simply move them to an external device.

How do you know the amount of space occupied by your files?

To find out how much space your files are taking up, follow these computer help steps:

1. Click on a file folder icon
2. Select Computer or My Computer at the right side menu
3. Click on “Local Drives” or “Hard Disk Drives”
4. Find the Drive C: – which is where all your files, images and music are stored by default
5. Point the mouse over the Drive C: and do a right click
6. Choose Properties on the menu that will pop up
7. You will see a pie chart that says how much space you’ve used up for storage and how much space is left for your PC to use in its operations

Generally, the pie chart will have two colors. The pink portion shows you the amount of space you have left on your pc. The blue portion indicates the amount of space used up by all your files, programs, and documents including your music and images.

You want to have a bigger pink portion than the blue one. Although computers need at least 15% of free space to function efficiently, it would help if you maintain a bigger free space. If you have lots of programs, files, and documents on your pc, computer help and repair professionals suggests trying to maintain more than 15% of free space to ensure your pc will not generate errors or crash.

If your computer is still running slow, even if you have plenty of free space to allow it to operate efficiently, there may be other causes for this. To find out what is causing your computer problems, seek professional assistance.

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