Professional Computer Help In De-cluttering Your Email Inbox

myrtle beach computer helpYou know you need to call in professional computer help if you got lost within your email inbox or if you’ve missed one too many important emails. When you use the same email address for your important online transactions, your email inbox could easily get crowded. And when the emails have piled up, it is already too confusing for you to organize them, you don’t know how or where to start.

It is important to keep your email inbox organized and tidy to avoid getting lost in the sea of emails that you receive and of course, to be able to not miss and respond on time to important emails.

Here are some tips from computer help professionals in organizing and de-cluttering your email inbox.

1. Start with the year and dates
If you have no idea where to begin sorting your email messages, a great way start is by sorting out via the year or dates it was sent. Put your emails into folders and label those folders with the year when you received the message. You can go back as far as 2010 or 2012 and then put everything beyond that into a single folder labeled old. Leave all the emails you received this year in your primary email inbox. Now, you’ve got significantly much less emails to sort out!

ADDITIONAL TIP: Use your email’s view sort option and set it to the date when you received the email. This way, you won’t have to go through each email to check the dates. They will be arranged chronologically and you can simply highlight the emails with the same date.

2. Create sub-folders
Create sub-folders in your primary inbox folder to categorize the different emails that you receive on a daily basis. For example, create a sub-folder for your work emails, personal emails, coupons and shopping, school, newsletters and subscriptions, etc. Now you can put the messages into their corresponding sub folders. If you have not replied to an email yet, do not put it into a sub-folder. Keep it in your primary email inbox so you’ll know that you need to reply to it before filing it away.

ADDITOINAL TIP: If you plan on replying to a message at a later date, keep it in your primary email inbox and mark it as unread even if you’ve read it already. This way you are sure to see it the next time you open your email and, thus, won’t forget to type in a response.

3. Organize incoming email messages
Now that you’ve cleaned your inbox, prevent it from getting cluttered again by organizing incoming email messages. Spend time to sort through all the newsletters and subscriptions that you receive. Decide which ones you no longer need and follow the instruction at the bottom of their email for unsubscribing.

You also want to turn off notifications from your social media accounts. After all, you see the same notifications when you log in to your accounts. Aside from reducing the emails that you receive, you also get more focused on the more important emails that you need to respond to.

With less emails in your primary inbox, you’ll find that you won’t have to frequently call in professional computer help.

ADDITIONAL TIP: If you forget to adjust the settings to a certain notification or subscription email, make sure you do it the next time you receive it in your primary email inbox. Before manually filing it into its folder, make the necessary settings adjustments so it will automatically be filed the next time you receive it.

4. Enable automated email filtering
Most email programs have this feature and all you have to do is enable it. You can auto-sort messages to go into their designated folders so you won’t have to do it manually. Some email programs require that you put tags on the emails so it will know which folder to file it into. Other email programs sort emails in tabs and shows in the tab the number of new emails you received and was filed in that tab.

ADDITIONAL TIP: If you can’t find the instructions to unsubscribe in a subscription email, simply put that email in the trash folder or your spam folder. Set up your email to filter similar messages so they automatically go to your trash or spam folder.

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