Computer Help From The Experts: To Shut down Your PC Or Not?

Computer HelpIf you are looking for legit computer help about when to shut down your PC and when to leave it on, you are on the right place. Many individuals have shared their various insights on this issue. Some believe computers should always be shut down when not in use. Others think that frequent shut downs may cause more harm than good to computers.

In contrast, industry experts have agreed that it all comes down to your personal preferences. But of course, reading up and researching more about the issue will greatly help you in making informed decisions. Here are some useful information that could help you decide which of the two – shutting down your PC or not – will do you more good.

Regularly shutting down your computer

Many computer help professionals recommend shutting down your computer regularly, preferably every night. In doing so, you not only allow your computer to rest, but you are also saving energy since a computer uses less electricity when shut down as oppose to putting it on sleep mode. Below is a list of other benefits that you could gain from regular PC shut downs.

1. Decreased issues and problems – Some of the issues and problems in your computer could easily be fixed and resolved by restarting your computers. Keep in mind that by restarting your computer, you are giving it an opportunity to install the necessary updates to its software, applications, and operating system, which will help resolve those temporary problems. Sometimes, it could even kill and remove the bugs.

2. Reduced noise – Computers, especially the older ones, start to emit noise that gradually becomes louder and irritating when it has been operating for a long time. The noise is an indication that the computer needs to rest as it has been working for longer than necessary. And like other devices, gadgets, and business furnaces, it could get damaged if the noise is not addressed properly and immediately.

3. Reduced wear and tear on the hardware of an older computer – If you’re using an older model, shutting it down regularly is a must to ensure a longer life for your computer.

The downside to regularly shutting down your computer is the additional time you will have to spend on booting the machine up or shutting it down. So if you have a Skype call meeting, you will have to reach your computer much earlier and allocate time for it to boot up.

When not to shut down your computer

Leaving your computers switched on is not as bad as most users think. In fact, computer help professionals suggest this option at times, especially if you the computer is doing tasks that take up 8 or more hours to complete. These include downloading large files and encoding videos.

If you’re worried about your electricity consumption, you can switch the monitor off or put the computer to sleep while it is completing the task. This provides your computer some rest so you can use it at its maximum efficiency once the tasks have been completed.

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