Frequent Computer Repair and How to Avoid Spreading Malware

computer repairIf you’re needing frequent computer repair despite having proper security and protection to your PC, you probably have a malware problem. These viruses are possibly finding their way back to your computer without your knowledge. Should this be the case, frequent repairs and virus scans will not help you avoid the problem. What you need is an analysis of how you are using your computer and how you are accessing your online accounts.

Where does malware come from?

The first signs of being infected with malware include when your online friends start contacting you about an email you sent to them. You’re probably receiving these types of emails already. These are emails containing only a link inside. Sometimes there’s a message that compels you to click the link. And this is how you spread the malware in your computer. When people click the link, they grant the malware access to their computer and all their online accounts.

Aside from this, there are other ways your computer and online accounts can be compromised by a malware infection. These include your passwords getting hacked, session hijacking, and entering your email address and creating accounts on a website that is hacked. This is why you need to be very careful in where you enter your email address and who you give your email address to.

Do not forget that hijackers and spammers only need your email address to hack your account and get access to your email contacts. They could easily guess your password and even your secondary or security questions to access your email account. And if you use that same email account to access your other online accounts – including social media and banking sites – you can guess that these hackers and spammers will be easily able to access them as well.

The worst part of malware is sharing it with your friends. So in addition to infecting your PC and causing you to frequently call for professional computer repair, the malware is also working through you to infect other computers and hack your friends’ email accounts.

What do you do to prevent spreading malware and calling frequent computer repair?

1. Determine whether or not you are infected – If you are infected with malware, you will need to send an email to all your friends and notify them that your PC is infected. Tell them that if they receive an email from you containing a link, they shouldn’t click on the link.

2. Change your passwords – Once you’ve determined your PC is infected, you will need to change your passwords. And not only with your email account that was hacked. You also need to change the password to your other online accounts, especially those that you’ve created using the same hacked email address.

3. Schedule regular password changes – To ensure you won’t get hacked or infected with malware again, create a schedule for when you will change your password. It’s important that you regularly change your password to make it difficult for your accounts to be hacked.

4. Hire a professional who will regularly check up on your computer’s security – Consider this as a form of investment to ensure your computer is securely protected from virus and malware attacks. Also, think of it as money you save from frequent repairs and parts replacements.

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