Computer Help Tips For New PC Owners

Computer HelpIf you recently bought a new computer, there are some steps that you can do to ensure that it works efficiently, that you will be able to use it properly, and to prevent calling a computer help professional soon. Yes, a new computer often has everything that you need to enjoy all its benefits. But there are other things you might want to consider to better equip your computer against future virus threats and malware attack.

Here are some computer help tips to consider for your new computer.

1. Remove Unwanted Programs
The programs that come with your newly purchased computer are often installed as part of the agreement between your computer manufacturer and their sponsors. If you won’t use these programs, it’s wise to remove them and free up some space in your hard drive. The most common way to remove these unwanted programs is by re-installing your operating system.

2. Set Up Recovery Disk and Back Up Drive
It is also important that you have a recovery disk and back up drive in your computer. Before, recovery disks where included as part of a new computer purchase. The manufacturer includes backup discs with a copy of all software installed in the computer when you purchase it.

Currently, however, this is no longer practiced; although there are some manufacturers who can create recovery and back up partitions in your computer if you ask them to. These come in handy if your main hard drive gets infected by virus. You’ll still have copies of your files in your recovery drive. On the other hand, if your hard drive fails completely, you will have to enlist for a professional computer help to recover your computer in its original state.

You can easily create a recovery disk for your computer by using an external hard drive or a USB flash memory. There are video tutorials available online to help you do this. However, you can also consider hiring a professional to ensure the process is done correctly.

3. Add Your Newly Purchased Computer to Your Personal Insurance Policy.
It never hurts to protect your investments and this is the same with your computer. The most important details that you would need to provide your insurance company are close-up photos of the computer, the product’s serial number and the registration code that is usually at the bottom or back of any product. Keep in mind that the serial number is what you will need for the warranty to take effect and for placing a claim with your insurance company.

Hire professional computer help to ensure that your computer is always in tip top shape even after years when you purchased it. Call PCRx to inquire about their services now.

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