Top Computer Help Tips In Keeping Your Computer Safe

Computer HelpIf you place high importance on your computer’s safety as well as your personal online security, you are probably always on the lookout for the latest computer help tips to stay safe from identity thieves. Even though they have covered the basic strategies to keep away from malicious online content, spam, and scammers, there are still those computer owners who would like to know more and provide better protection to their computers.

If you are among these individuals, you will find these other computer help tips most helpful.

1. Develop the skill of instantly identifying rogue websites
Rogue websites can cause detrimental effects to your computer. So you need to be able to identify them at once before you click on their website and grant them access to your computer. You can identify them by looking at the address bar when you visit their website. If you don’t see a green lock and if their URL doesn’t start with https://, it’s a rogue website.

2. Always back up your data
Creating back up for your data helps prevent having your files corrupted due to power outage, lightning surges or even when computer crashes. Having a back up file means you won’t have to repeat everything you did from scratch. There are different ways to back up your files. You can save them on an external hard drive or you can use cloud storage services such as Dropbox. Make it a habit to back up your files at least once a day, if not more frequently.

3. Refrain from opening suspicious emails
What are these emails? These include emails coming from senders who are not in your contact list and those with unusual subject lines like “Claim your prize now” or “Need help going home.” These emails are usually phishing scams that entice you to open the email and click on their links. When you do, they get access to your computer and all your online information. If you accidentally open the email, do not click on the link indicated. Read the content carefully at first and then decide whether or not the email is legit. Computer technicians also suggest copying the link and pasting it to a new tab in your browser.

4. Don’t immediately believe deals that are offered to you
When you enter some websites, there’s always an amazing deal offered to you. Often, these deals include getting 50% or more off your purchase of their product or service. Do not immediately believe the deals, especially if you haven’t done any transactions with them yet. Keep in mind that some phishing and hacking websites tempt web visitors to provide them their information by providing them an offer they wouldn’t be able to resist. The rule of thumb is if it sounds too good to be true, it’s most likely a scam. Look around the website first and research online reviews for this company before providing any of your personal or online information.

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