Computer Help Checklist To Resolve Hanging And Freezing

Computer HelpOne of the more common problems requiring immediate computer help is when the screen freezes and the entire unit just hangs. This can be really frustrating especially if you’re in the middle of finishing an important document or a project that is due in a couple of hours.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not worry because there are various reasons why your computer hangs; hence, reformatting is not the only solution. Stop worrying about your documents and other files getting lost to the repair because there are many other solutions and repairs that you can do before you resort to reformatting.

Consider the following computer help checklist to find out what causes your computer to hang.

1. Is your computer older than 5 years old?

Keep in mind that the technology used in computers develop at an exceptional rate. This means that if your computer is more than 5 years old, it might not be compatible with modern programs, software and operating systems. It will not work efficiently and would operate slower than before.

2. Does it have enough free space in the hard drive?

Using up too much space in your hard drive doesn’t only cause your computer to run very slowly. It also causes the computer to forcibly close some software, program or application. It may also result in frequent hanging.

3. Does it require a memory upgrade?

Your computer may be hanging because it can no longer accommodate all your apps and programs. Consider upgrading your memory storage space to have more room. Plus, you also need to reserve a certain amount of free space to ensure your computer works efficiently.

4. Are you running it for a long time without restarting or shutting down?

Computers also need rest. Using them for longer hours than necessary is one of the many causes of hanging and freezing. If this is the case, do a restart and then save your documents and properly shut down your computer. If you’re working that long, you and your computer probably need that break.

5. Are you running more backgrounds and programs at the same time?

If you have low memory space, your computer won’t be able to run several programs at the same time. Either you close other programs that you won’t use at the moment or upgrade to higher memory space.

6. Do you regularly do a virus check and malware scan?

Virus or malware might be the culprit behind your computer’s frequent hanging. Regularly do a virus check to ensure your computer is not infected.

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