Computer Repair 101: What Causes Slow Internet Connection?

computer repairSlow internet connection is one of the most common reasons why computer owners often seek professional computer repair assistance. This problem is indeed very common among anyone who is using computers. And although it’s often easy to repair and resolve, many computer owners are not able to do so because of their frustration from waiting a long time for a website to load. To avoid all the stress and frustration, it would help if you know what causes a slow internet connection.

Below are some common reasons that cause slow internet connection.

Type of internet access

There are different ways to connect to the internet and each one provides you with different connection speed.

  • Cable – This type of connection allows you to access the internet via cable television lines. The average internet speed this type of connection can provide is 1.5 mbit/s; faster connection is possible but it entirely depends on the quality of internet connection by the cable service company
  • DSL – The Digital Subscriber Line connection uses a telephone network to allow you to access the internet. This type of internet connection doesn’t interfere with the main purpose of the telephone lines, which is for voice phone calls. It uses high frequencies to transfer data and access the internet while the low frequencies are reserved to accommodate regular phone calls. As a result, internet connection is not affected by the regular use of the telephone. Average connection speed is 8 mbits/s but this can be significantly lower, depending on the distance between the company and the actual telephone units.
  • Wireless network or Wi-Fi – Because this is a wireless connection, any number of devices can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi connection at the same time. The drawback to this is that when lots of devices are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi at the same time, the internet connection dramatically slows down.

Computer issues requiring computer repair

When your computer has spyware or other forms of viruses, one of the aspects of the entire machine that is immediately affected is the ability of the machine to connect to the internet. Aside from these, add-on programs, unnecessary software, amount of memory, disk space and overall health status of your computer also affects how you can access the internet.

If after confirming the type of internet access you have and resolving all issues in your computer you find that you still have slow internet connection, you will need to call in professional computer repair assistance.

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