Email Account Hacked? Follow These Computer Help Tips

computer helpOne of the many reasons why computer users call for professional computer help is because their email accounts get hacked. Emails are one of the easiest programs to get hacked, especially if you use only one email account for everything that you do online. Remember that you need an email account to register in most online programs and software. If you use only one email address, you’ll most likely get spam messages and eventually you’re email address will be at risk of getting hacked.And the last thing any of us wants is a hacked email account! In fact, most people consider this the worst thing that could happen because there are lots of important files and information that the hacker could get access to when your emails get hacked.

There are some preventive measures that you can do to avoid being hacked. But of course, these viruses and hackers continuously evolve and get smarter and are able to work around your security measures. This is why it is also important for you to learn about what you can do to remediate the situation should it happen to you.

Professional computer help tips for hacked email accounts

  • Change your password immediately
    If you notice your email account has been hacked, log into your account immediately and change your password. Remember to keep your new password long with a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols. Try not to use real words or names. The more complex the password is the more difficult it will be for the hackers to access your email account.
  • Check all your online accounts linked to your email address
    If you use your email address and the same password for your online accounts, such on your social media accounts, online shopping, and banking accounts, you will need to change your log in details with these accounts as well. If you linked your email address to these accounts, you need to unlink your email address and link it back again to update the account with your new password.
  • Delete automatic emails about password resets
    If you have changed your password, delete all emails that you will receive from your email service provider. Delete all other previous emails about password resets sent by the accounts linked to your email address.
  • Contact everyone in your email address contact list and ask if they have received spam-like email message from you.
    One of the most common things that hackers do when they access your email address is send spam-like messages using your email account to everyone in your contacts list. This email may often include messages about buying something or sending in the recipient’s personal information – complete name, physical address, phone number, banking account information, etc.
    Contact everyone in your contact list and tell them not to open any links from messages you sent that may look like spam. Include an explanation that your email account got hacked but that you have resolved the problem now.
  • Update your email account’s log in information in all the devices you use to access your email.
    Unlink each device you use to check your emails and link them back again using the updated log in information. Do not give hackers an opportunity to keep on accessing your email account. Make sure you replace your old username and password in every device that you use with your new username and password.
  • Call professional computer help
    If after doing all these and you still notice that a hacker can still access your email account, you may need to deactivate the email account. It would help if you call in professional computer help and have the technician get all the important information from your email account before deactivating it.

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