Get Virus Protection Not Only For Your Computer

Virus ProtectionVirus protection programs are not developed solely for computers. They can be used to protect and secure your other important possessions, particularly those that use a computer as well as those that can be accessed through a computer. Among these is your car and your credit cards.

Virus protection for your cars

Today’s cars are made with a computer to control its various systems and safety features. If this is hacked, you will not only lose control of your car but you’re most likely at risk of getting in a car accident. If you think it won’t be easy for a hacker to mess up your car’s computer control system, you need to think again.

According to a Spanish research by Javier Vazquez-Vidal and Alberto Garcia Illera, it only takes a small device that was created from parts costing about $20 to hack a car’s central control system. They called this device the Controller Area Network (CAN) Hacking Tool or CHT as it needs to be connected with the CAN bus of a car to allow someone to control the car’s settings.

The hackers will then be able to control the car by sending commands to the CHT via Bluetooth. Upon receiving the commands, the CHT will then input the commands to the CAN bus. Hence, the hackers can easily control the different functions of the car, including the windows, lights, breaks, and steering. The CHT runs by getting power from the car’s electrical system so it doesn’t easily run out of power.

The information from this valuable research proves how important it is for car owners to start considering installing an appropriate type of protection for their car’s central control system.

Virus protection for your personal electronic information

Aside from your cars, your personal electronic information – primarily including your credit card details – are also at risk of being hacked. This has been proven by the recent data breaches at Neiman Marcus and Target that happened before the end of 2013. This incident has resulted to exposing information from 40 million credit and debit accounts and 70 million clients. Among the critical data that have been exposed, including: account numbers, the accounts’ expiration dates, codes in the cards’ magnetic strips, the personal identification numbers, and the clients’ personal and contact information, such as their phone numbers and mailing addresses.

If your personal and account information has been exposed to unauthorized individuals, they can use this to wipe out the money in your bank accounts, which will cause your checks to bounce and your payments to be delayed. This is why it has become extremely critical and important for people to protect their personal information,especially their bank accounts and credit card details as these are the ones they give out most often.

The federal organization, however, suggests employing specific precautions to ensure their customers’ information are safe and secure. Aside from this, they are now being required to inform their customers about the breach incident even if it has not been confirmed yet. They should be kept informed on whether or not they are at risk of identity theft or other similar problems.

It’s important to keep your online information safe and secured. A lot will be lost and not just at the mean time, you’re going to keep losing money and time, if you don’t do your part in securing your personal and account information.

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