Does Your Computer Have The Best Virus Protection?

virus protectionAs computer owners,the most important thing you need to do before using your pc is to make sure you have the best virus protection. As modern technology continues to develop, people are finding more ways to break through any type of protection you have built for your computer. When this happens, you will become highly vulnerable to all types of computer virus threats and hacking.

Aside from installing the best antivirus program on your computer, you will need to accomplish the following basic tasks to ensure no one can break through your wall of virus protection:

  • Be careful in visiting websites – Make sure you don’t visit any website that you know nothing about. If a website looks suspicious, offering you no useful information, then do not stay any longer in that website. Also, never click on any link that looks suspicious. Sometimes, even when you close the webpage, they will try to persuade you to stay longer by asking whether or not you really want to move away from that page. Should this happen, be quick in navigating away from the site.
  • Do not open email attachments – You can only do so if you know who the sender is and if you expect the attachment. If you receive the attachment and the email unexpectedly, even if you know the sender and email address, do not open the attachment. Confirm from the sender whether or not the email was sent on purpose and the sender really wants for you to see and/or review the attachment.
  • Always ensure your virus protection program is up to date – Because no one can really tell how some people are able to hack into computer and other similar devices without needing to see and hold the device, you need to ensure there are no cracks to your antivirus and firewall programs. If possible, update it and run virus scans every week. Do not leave an open or weak spot on you first line of defense because hackers are always waiting for their opportunity to hack into your system and files.
  • Keep an eye on how the kids use your computer – If you are sharing your computer with kids, you should always be at their side when they are using the computer. Some children can be reckless and they don’t understand the risks and possibilities of getting hacked or acquiring computer viruses that may harm and damage your computer hardware or software.


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