DIY Computer Help Tips To Formatting And Reformatting

Computer HelpOne of the common computer help we receive from professionals and specialists is formatting and reformatting. In fact, this is the basic type of repair and resolution that most computer repair experts provide. Whenever a computer freezes or stops working efficiently, they will turn it off and reformat the machine.

What happens when your computer is formatted?
Computer formatting is simply restoring it to a new state. It will remove everything you have saved on your computer including files, documents, images, and videos. All the programs, applications, and software that you installed will also be removed. After formatting, your computer will be good as new with all settings back to its factory default.

Some computer owners do the formatting on their own to save money as some professionals charge a big amount of money for this task. To format your computer, all you need is your operating system disc. Simply follow the prompts and the instructions and you’re all good to go.

This is what computer professionals actually do and yet, some of them will charge you a lot of money for something that you can do on your own. There are computer owners who are afraid to format their computers on their own for fear of adding to the problems and issues instead of fixing their machines.

If you are one of these individuals, you don’t have to fear anymore. Here are some DIY computer help tips to help you easily and safely format your computer.

  • Transfer all your documents, files, images, videos, email contacts and emails on a back-up hard drive or storage device before starting to format your computer. Remember that formatting will wipe out all changes to the computer, including all files that are saved. To be sure you will not lose anything, make a back-up of all your files.
  • Make sure you have your operating system disc and the corresponding serial number near you when you start your formatting. You wouldn’t be able to successfully complete a format without these. And once you start formatting, you won’t be able to go back. You either have to continue with it or stop and look for the right disc and serial number.
  • It is highly recommended that you create a new petition for your fresh copy of Windows that you will have to install when formatting your computer. Before being able to create a new petition, however, you will have to delete the old one.

Whether or not it is your first time to format your computer, you have to take this task very seriously and carefully. One wrong move will result to failure and may lead to damaging your computer. Yes it is easy, but you still have to be precise and careful.

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